New Adventures

Well hi there…

I guess I’ve just started another new chapter in my life today by creating this blog! Which is both exciting and slightly terrifying.

Of late my life has under gone a lot of changes and quiet honestly I needed a please to share what amazing things God is doing.

This time last year if you would have told me I would be where I am today I would have laughed in your face. Last year I was living with my parents, working as a reception at a hospital and my biggest goal was my next vacation. Now I’m a full time, live-in nanny in the big and gorgeous city of Milwaukee, experiencing things I never would have dreamed possible.

Does that mean my old life was boring and that I felt trapped in it? Not at all! I wasn’t looking for this new adventure and I think that’s what is so amazing about it. God opened this door and gave me the courage to step through it.

Now for those of you who don’t know me (And hopefully this is reaching more than just family) my ultimate dream is to be a mother, but my secondary dream was to become a nanny.
It’s literally my dream job.

But becoming a nanny, I thought was something I could never achieve. Coming from a small town in
Illinois I wouldn’t say my options were limited… but they felt that way. So last fall, in boredom to be quiet honest, I decided to hop on and typed in “nanny jobs near me”. The family I currently work for was the very first one that popped up. And what got me is that it said they were looking specifically for a Christian nanny.

And that’s how my journey started!

Since then I’ve been trying all kinds of things I never thought possible. If you could get anything out of this blog I hope it’s that your dreams are only as impossible as you make them.

Does that mean you’ll get everything you want and life is roses and candy from here on out? Once again, not at all! But sometimes all it takes is the courage to try.

Where does this blog take us from here? I have no idea! But I’m excited to share with you whatever God has around the next bend in the river.

I hope to post something at least once a week on either Thursdays or Fridays. We’ll be covering topics ranging from fashion, to family, to travel, food, sports, movies, books, etc.

If you’re excited for this new journey please comment below and share with your friends! Also I have my social media accounts listed below if you what to follow the fun there too.

Lots of love,

Facebook: A Nanny’s Notebook
Instagram: @nannysnotebook
Twitter: @RagsdaleTally

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