Stripes and Levi’s

We’re going to change pace a bit and talk about… (drumroll please) FASHION! By far one of my favorite hobbies… Lifestyles. Yes, like most American females I love clothes and everything that goes with them. No shame here.
We’re really just gonna discuss one outfit style this go around to get our feet wet and see how it goes. (If y’all follow me on Instagram you got a pre-taste. If not, you’re missing out!)
So without further ado let’s dive in!
Tommy Hilfiger Tee, 517 Levi Jeans, Apple Watch “Rose Gold”
This ensemble is really the bare bones of any good, everyday look. Jeans and a t-shirt. You can’t really go wrong there. However the overall feel in my opinion is almost French-ie in it’s simplicity. I don’t know! I just really liked how it all fit together.
Tommy Hifiger Tee & 517 Levi Bootcut Jeans
Working as a nanny I want something durable, comfortable and practical, but I want to achieve that without sacrificing style. And these jeans are by far my favs! They may not look it but they are ridiculously comfortable. Like it’s ridiculous.

Also just so y’all know I normally do not wear makeup when I know I’m going to be working all day. The kids after all don’t really care. In fact they’re so used to me not wearing makeup that when I do they kinda freak out. (Or tell me flat out that they don’t like it) 
Same with my hair. I never, EVER straighten it! But I had just gotten home from the salon and it looked so pretty so I decided to leave it be. On an everyday basis my hair is up and out of the way. (Unless of course I want the baby to pull it out by the roots.) 
So yeah this is something I will wear to work. It’s cute and functional! 
Hope you guys liked this brief divulge into my fashion mind. Feel free to leave comments below and tell me what your go to work look is. As always my contact info is also down below!
Lots of love,
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