Fall in Black and White

Let’s talk fashion… Again!

Fall if officially here and I am so excited. It’s my favorite season without hesitation. The colors, crisp air, apple cider, pumpkins and of course the sweaters!! (Though the look I have for you guys today doesn’t involve sweaters) 

Royal&Reese Zuri Short Sleeve Tee “Black”, Levi’s 721 Highrise Skinny, Royal&Reese “Casablanca Ankle Booties”, Michael Kors “Optic White” Savannah Medium Leather Satchel
Royal&Reese Zuri Short Sleeve Tee “Black”, Michael Kors “Optic White” Savannah Medium Leather Satchel
I adore this simple yet gorgeous outfit. A black tee, skinny jeans, a white purse and the cream on top- THESE BOOTS! (Or would that be the cream on the bottom?)

(See Above Info)
Royal&Reese “Casablanca Ankle Booties”, Michael Kors “Optic White” Savannah Medium Leather Satchel
The boots are super comfortable and the block heel very easy to walk on. When it comes to ankle boots a heel is always preferred, so having a pair that is super comfortable and becoming is amazing! I have high arches so any kind of shoe that’s gonna cover the tops of my feet I normally have to go a size bigger than normal. Which is fine, but it can cause problems for the rest of my foot if the shoe feels too big. These boots are a size bigger than my normal 9 but there’s no inside rubbing. And it doesn’t feel like my foot in banging around in all the empty space.

Royal&Reese “Casablanca Ankle Booties”
I like how the tee and jeans are crazy standard but then that pop of color at the bottom just makes it a fun, standout look. 

Royal&Reese Zuri Short Sleeve Tee “Black”, Levi’s 721 Highrise Skinny, Royal&Reese “Casablanca Ankle Booties”
Let’s talk about the purse for a second. 
Michael Kors “Optic White” Savannah Medium Leather Satchel

It’s obviously beautiful and goes with pretty much everything. The gold chain is trendy and the black cord around it’s edges make it usable in both summer and winter. That being said if y’all run out and buy a white purse be prepared for stains… I took this purse with me on my trip to Florida and I did notice some smudging from the travel. I still think the purse is adorable and worth the extra fuss. Just be careful where you set it. 
I’ve paired it with the below hunter green wallet, cause again subtly followed by a sudden pop of color is awesome!
Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Leather Continental Wristlet “True Green”, Toms “Wyatt Blush” Sunglasses
Keeping my makeup subtle and warm, and with some cute sunglasses this look is perfection!

Toms “Wyatt Blush” Sunglasses
So to sum up this pre-fall, or transition, outfit; go with simplicity followed by a crazy pop of color and pick shoes that can give you a heel but are comfortable.
Lots of loves,
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Three Cities

If Chicago was a man he’d be sharp dressed, quick tempered and loud mouthed. Not that he would be overly concerned about what you think of him. He’s been through a lot; the good and the bad, and no matter what anyone else says he’s proud of himself. 
Maybe his pride has been dented and maybe some of the shame he bares is warranted to his own mistakes, but still there’s something impressive about a man who’s been kicked to the ground.
Comparatively Pittsburgh is an old woman, who is neither tired nor old. She’s contained within herself as if she knows a secret to youth that no one else does. She’s beautiful in her antiquity. No one need love her or pay her any attention. What she has she deserves and she doesn’t want or need anything you have to offer. You may visit her, but unless you were born with her you will never fully know her.
Now Milwaukee is a young hipster, who’s charging full speed ahead wanting to be big and impressive in one powerful bound. Everything’s a pleasing mixture of old and new. He’s vibrant and funny, though he tries to convince himself he’s tough like Chicago. 
He needn’t worry. His future shines bright before him and his home town charm is his greatest strength.

None of these pictures were taken by me. 
When I travel I try to describe each new city in my mind as a person. It’s too hard to describe buildings and brick… It doesn’t reach to the core of a city, cause a city is so much more than steel and concrete. It’s been effected by all the people who’ve lived in it. No two cities are ever alike.  
I don’t know… I just thought I’d share how each city hits me. If you disagree just know that this is my personal opinion and that’s not worth much.
Lots of loves,
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Photo Dairy: Crystal Lake Aug. 2018

Dramatic anyone?
Hello everyone! I missed you guys sooo much! 
Since I don’t really have time to give y’all an amazingly, awesome post this week in between trips, here are some pics from trip numero uno! Hope you enjoy!
This is the place we stayed at.
It was super cute!
My fav room probably in the whole house.
It had the best early morning views.
The lake was beautiful. It was literally Crystal clear. (Pun intended!)
And it was great for swimming!

And here’s a dragonfly… I don’t know. He was cool!

Anyway hope you liked the pictures.
Lots of loves,
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