Six Books You Need to Read Before You Die

As you guys know I am a huge bookworm!

Books and writing are like the lifeblood to my existence. (Okay well maybe it’s not that bad)  But still I’m an obsessive reader. 
So I picked six of my favorite and sometimes unexpectedly good fiction reads, that ya’ll need to check out. (This goes great with yesterday’s post! Cause now you can make your muffins and read a good book)
(Hay also I’m looking for some good nonfiction biographies to read. If you have any suggestions that would be awesome! Just leave them in the comments below)
  1. Jane Eyre
By far this is my favorite book of all time! (You know if I could pick a favorite) I think this is one of the few books I’ve read more than once. My favorite part is the Gypsy Scene! If you don’t know what I’m talking about than you need to read the book. 
  1. Ruth
Okay if Jane Eyre is number one than Ruth is a super close second. 
Elizabeth Gaskell is my favorite author without hesitation! Any of her books I highly recommend; North and South, Wives and Daughters, Crawford. (Maybe I could find a biography about her?) 
  1. Lord of the Rings
I know, I know it’s a HUGE book, but it’s totally worth it. I will confess it took me almost an entire year to read this cover to cover. But again it’s worth it!
And don’t just think cause you saw the movies (which granted are awesome) that you can get by without reading the book- No!! The book (like every book) is ten times better than the movies.
Think about that! If the movies are tremendous than the book must be out of this world… Don’t take my word for it- READ IT!!
  1. Monster
I didn’t fall in love with reading till I was nine or ten and it was my big brother who first got me hooked. This is probably the second book he gave me… Yeah my brother knows me too well. I love a good mystery/thriller. I think I read it in a week and I can still remember sitting up late every night because I had to know what happened next.
(If you like Monster than you should also check out This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness, The Oath and the Visitation- Any of Frank Peretti’s early stuff basically
  1. Mansfield Park
So two or three years ago I decided to read everything Jane Austin had ever written. And though while undoubtedly Pride and Prejudice is her best novel, I have never related to a character more than Fanny. It was scary how much I saw myself in her. If they ever make a movie (and I mean a good movie) of this book I need to play Fanny. 
  1. The Last Sin Eater
This book remains to be the only book I have read in one day. That’s how good it was. (True it’s not super long but still it is soooo good) This is a lot like Shepherd of the Hills, which is another really great book, but The Last Sinner Eater has a special place in my heart.
What is your favorite book? Or books? Leave below I might want to devour them!
Lots of loves,
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