Snow and Boots

Well I think it’s official… Winter is coming, if it’s not here already. After last Friday’s beautiful snow “shower” I’m forcing myself to except the inevitable. (Maybe that will make it easier… though I highly doubt it) 


I actually don’t mind winter that much. I think I prefer Wisconsin winters over Illinois’, anyway. 

You’re probably thinking that there can’t be that big of a difference, but in Illinois we tended to get a lot of ice and wind and very little snow. Last winter in Wisconsin was just a lot of beautiful snow to me. (Though I’m told it was actually kinda mild so we’ll see) 
This post is also a appreciation post for my favorite boots of all time- My UGGs!!! 
I’ve owned these boots for like two or three years now and to be honest they’re probably all I wear during the winter.
They’re cute and functional. (My favorite combination) And I don’t have to worry when tracking through snow or slush or mud or whatever else.
Well here’s to another winter!
(P.S. For more outfit pics and details check me out on Pinterest or Instagram)

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