2018 Thanksgiving Style Look Book

So excited to be going home for a few days over Thanksgiving. (By far my favorite holiday!) 
I thought you guys might like a look at what I’m packing/wearing. Sorry in advance for the limited variety but I’m digging the comfy, chunky, extremely wearable sweaters.
Hope you enjoy!
Outfit #1- The Sunflower
Outfit #2- A Very Weasley Thanksgiving 
Yeah so I bought this sweater in Universal at the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. It’s made from a 100% real wool and extremely itchy.
Outfit #3- Flowers by Any Other Name
My new fav sweater! The cut of this sweater is so clean and the floral embroidery/fancy sleeves gives it a whimsical feel.
Outfit #4- Army Stars
Royal&Reese Hummingbird Buttondown Tee, Unknown Lacey Black Cami, 
As a reward for your patience here’s an outfit that doesn’t involve a sweater.
And finally the booties.
Bullboxer Booties… I forgot where I bought specifically but these are kinda similar.

Lots of Love,
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