Little Girls, Little Girls

Let’s talk little girls! (Is anyone else thinking Annie?) More specifically let’s talk little girl hair.

If any of you a have wee lass you know they’re soft, curly baby hair is simply gorgeous! But it’s also almost impossible to style. 

Of course you could leave it down to blow in the wind and get caked with whatever sticky, unknown substance she comes in contact with. (Snot, syrup, yogurt, her brother’s buggers and so on)

Working as a nanny has given me plenty of practice doing little girl hair and I’ve learned some helpful tips along the way. (Below are some of my go-to hairstyles and for the most part they’re fairly easy to replicate)

Our first look (and arguably the cutest) are the “pig tails”. They’re pretty easy to do, just slowly and evenly start dividing the hair into elastics. You can either just leave the ends to hang or gather them into a bun.

I normally reserve the below “half-up half-down” look for Sundays. It will last the morning but not the nap! These looks can be harder to do as they require the little one to sit still. That’s why I normally do her hair at breakfast when she’s eating, or at a snack time. Food is a powerful motivator.  

Probably the look I use the most are my whimsical “web designs”. Mainly because they’re actually really easy and because they can last for several days with only mild redos.

When making your pattern just make sure you’re even on both sides. Using the same color elastics is also a good idea as it gives the look a more orderly feel.

One of my fav looks however is the messy bun! Mainly because it’s okay if looks well… MESSY! I redo it once after her nap (just retying the middle bun) and then let her go. The best part is you can dress it up or down considering what clips you use.

To achieve this look I gather the hair at the very front of her face and tie it in an elastic. Then I do the same with the middle section of her hair and the back section (gathering all those stubborn baby hairs). I carefully take out the middle elastic and gather the other two ponytails into it before retying into a simple bun. Then put a few clips at the base of the other two elastic bans to hide them and to provide extra staying power!
Before nap… 
After nap! 
Lots of loves,
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