New Year and Year in Reveiw

I have a cork board in my room where I pin “Momentos” from events in my year. (Or at least moments I thought were special) I’ve decided to do this yearly as a way to reflect and remember past adventures.

I’m not one to make resolutions, I never keep them anyway, but I am super excited for all the new journeys and experiences coming this year. (Yes, even the unplanned ones) I don’t know exactly why but I’m just excited. How about you? Any resolutions? Do you keep them? Are you excited for 2019?
I’m also excited for this blog! It’s been such a privilege and so much fun. It’s given me opportunities to try different things (mainly getting my voice out there) I hope to expand it in the coming year… Like adding two extra weekly posts. (Maybe have a Sunday and Friday post on top of our Thursday chats) We’ll have to see. I might try it for a few weeks or something to see if it’s even humanly possible. (Ha!) 
If you guys have any suggestions about posts you’d like to see more of, or you’d like me to try or pursue, please let me know. I do know we’ll still cover nanny life(obviously), kids stuff, fashion and a super exciting international trip coming up this spring!! (More info to come)
Thank You, Lord for a great 2018 (even in the learning, stretching and correcting moments) Wherever life takes us, to You be all the glory and honor. For You are Holy and matchless. 
May God bless you all! Here’s to a very exciting 2019!!
Lots of loves,
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