Work Trip to Minnesota

Okay I’ve come to the conclusion that I love cities! I may have been raised in small town U.S.A (and I do love some things about small towns: the quiet, the charm, etc.) but I think cities have effectively stolen my heart. (I blame you, Dad) I just thought I’d state that before telling you about my work trip to Saint Paul, Minnesota.
So after our 6-7 hour car ride (which is what happens when you travel with 4 littles under 4- potty breaks!) we were greeted by the muddy Mississippi and the city skyline. You guys know I love to describe cities as people but I’m afraid I didn’t have enough time to get a proper read on him. (Yes St. Paul is definitely a man, that much I do know) It was impressive to see the capitol building sitting high above the city like a watchful leader, impartial and immovable. It’s white facade standing out against the dark (which at point I would have sworn was purple) night sky. (The roads however are super confusing! You have to change what highway you’re on like fifty times to get where you want to go- Ugh!)
On the 2nd day of our trip we visited the Mall of America (which I had never been too) It struck me as funny as we wandered the ginormous 4 story building, that as a little girl the only way I remembered Minnesota as a state was that it had the Mall of America in it. 
As a tradition o famine I buy a t-shirt every place I visit. (I have one from California, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, etc.) And I hunted high and low for one here… But couldn’t find a thing! (Can you believe that?) Finally on the 3rd floor I found this hat! (It’s cute, has a moose on it and says “Mall of America”- It has a moose on it!) 

Day 3 brought a sick kiddo (poor baby) and a night at the rented house. After the wee sick one was tucked in bed and asleep I tucked into some great pizza! 
As you can tell from the pics it was cheesy goodness. The only thing I have against “Roco’s” is that they put black olives on my pizza. (I hate black olives) And no I didn’t complain, or call them.(Does anyone else just go-with-the-flow?)

With day 4 came a super busy work day that was finished with a late night watching of Netflix’s “Bird Box”. (Warning spoilers may follow) The premise was interesting, if a bit like “A Quiet Place” (Love that movie!) and there were some genuinely terrifying moments. I think the best way to describe “Bird Box” is to say it’s a mix of “A Quiet Place” (a great movie) and “The Happening” (not a great movie) with equal parts good and bad. The language content is a bit high (so I’d recommend watching it on AngleVid) but my biggest complaint is a certain death… I won’t say anymore- But he shouldn’t have died.

By day 5 we packed up and headed home! Thanks Minnesota for the fun, but I’m glad to be back in my adopted “cheese state”.
Lots of loves,
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