Art Journaling

For someone who loves writing, I have never been very good at keeping a journal or diary. I found it tideous and incredibly boring. (For those of you who do keep a journal- you guys are amazing! I think it’s a great habit to have)

In a completely unrelated matter (or at least I thought it was unrelated) I decided to take an art class awhile back through Creative Oasis. Trying to stretch myself out of my shy shell. Not knowing what class to take I was directed to an “Art Journaling” class. I had no clue what art journaling was, but was excited to give it a try. (Basically it’s taking journaling and instead of “writing” a daily entry you draw, stamp, paint, sketch or whatever. Look it up on Pinterest! Some people are crazy talented) 

Did this help me get into the habit of journaling? Well sort of. The class was a blast and I had a great time playing with all of the different mediums. And it got me thinking of a way to combine my love for writing with my love for art (though I’m not particularly great at either) into a way of remembering what I did yesterday. (Please say I’m not the only twenty-something who can’t remember what she did five minutes ago!) My solution?

The book behind my planner is my blogging book 🙂 
A daily planner! It’s more to record important things I’ve done, than necessarily to record what I’m going to do. So far it’s been a blast and I’m still experimenting. (There’s no wrong way to do an art journal) I’m trying to find unique and very me ways to record things. And what things should I be recording anyway? So far I’ve just been writing or drawing in whatever I think is important to remember and at the end of the year I’m looking forward to looking back at everything I doodled in. (And starting a new journal of course)

I love my markers and idea stencils, but either I should invest in pens or next year buy a daily planner with thicker pages. But whatever the future holds I think this a tradition I’ll keep up with. (Below are some of my fav art journaling products and inspo)
Lots of loves,
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