What Does Mary Poppins Do on Her Day Off?

Believe it or not I get asked this question a lot. And I get it. Being a live-in nanny it’s easy to get bugged down and feel like you’re literally trapped in the house. So it is important to take full advantage of your time off.

  1. Sleep in
Okay so naturally I’m a morning person and the latest I can sleep in is 8 or 8:30, but let me tell ya I look forward to those two or three extra hours of sleep on my days off. Especially these wintry mornings… Ah so nice to stay under my warm blankets and have absolutely no where to be or go.

2. Go on Adventures

So this is more a summer thing for me (my love to roam is somewhat hampered by my above love to hibernate) But I love, love to explore! As an introvert I’m completely okay to go places by myself. That being said going on adventures with a good friend is always a blast. But even if no one is available to explore don’t let that stop you! (I think we’ve talked about this before)

3. Writing and Coffee Shops

If I’m feeling sociable I’ll get my breakfast and coffee out amongst the populace. Then spend an hour or two writing and/or reading.

4. Shopping

I love to shop… It’s so easy… Too easy…

5. Cruising
I’ll pop in my fav CD (yes I still listen to CD’s and probably always will) or tune the radio to my favorite station, hop in my car and let the road take me wherever. You never know where you’ll end up.

6. Chill and Netflix 
Don’t feel like you have to get out. It’s okay to do nothing and watch the next, next episode.
So there you have it. What is your go to day off strategy?
Lots of loves,
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