Trying Paper Pumpkin

Are you looking for something to do with your friends (or by yourself for you introverts) on these chilly days? My friend and I were in the same boat when she mentioned Paper Pumpkin a monthly subscription through Stampin’ Up. 

In the kit you get enough supplies and tools, not only to make nine awesome and adorable cards, but some leftover to let your own imagination run wild. And as to building the cards, you can either stick to the instructions or experiment. The best part is every month is a different theme and you can subscribe for one month ($20) and/or up to a year. (This would be great for mothers and daughters too! Or an awesome and unique birthday gift! Oh, the possibilities)

We grabbed our coffee and laughed and talked for hours, all while doing something fun and productive. (Seriously guys it was blast! We had way too much fun)
If you guys are interested in giving Paper Pumpkin a try here’s my sellers info: 

Ann-Marie Duemling 

Go to  and at of the subscription enter her name to receive a free bag and pen! 
Lots of loves,
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