Exploring Milwaukee: Art Musuem

The weather is once again getting nice enough for me to go exploring! (Yippee!) Coming from East Central Illinois there wasn’t many adventures going on. (I loved growing up in a small town but I’m pretty sure I was always meant to end up in the city scene. I think we’ve talked about this before)

Anyway I finally got to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum . My initial thoughts? It’s huge, the staff is super friendly and it’s overall collection is pretty impressive. I could have spent all day wandering the halls, however I have a cold… again (yay!) and just the 2 1/2 hours I spent walking around was enough to drain me of all energy and enthusiasm.
But I wanted to go before May 12th, 2019 to see the Bouguereau&America  exhibit. Guys if you get a chance to go you have to check it out. Bouguereau was heavily influenced by the Renaissance artists, his own religion and what was in demand by the mostly American purchasers. Not only seeing these influences spill out of his art, but to see the rise and fall of his fame with the changing mood of the populace, was super fascinating. If you do get a chance to check out this limited time exhibit; my favorite pieces were The Broken Pitcher, all of his portraits especially the Two Sisters( a new dream of mine is to have my portrait painted. How cool would that be?), and The Prayer. (You can almost feel that one) 

And if you guys do go ask the security guards on duty what their favorites are. Maybe because my Dad has worked in security most of his life, but I make it a point to smile and talk to the security guards. Show ‘em some love people! 
Also remember that the 1st Thursday of the every month is free entry. In case you need added incentive to plan a visit. 
One last thought and then I’ll shut up; but sometimes (most times) the people are more interesting than the art work. Watching different people react to different kinds of art is simply fascinating. It would make an interesting social study. (if anyone studied me while looking at the Modern Art they’d see confusion… I still don’t get it)

Oh, bonus thought! But on the 3rd floor  in the back, is a room that’s got two huge windows that open out onto the lake. It has several sculptures in it, but everyone makes a beeline for the windows. It just struck me that, yes certain people have been blessed with the amazing ability to create these awesome works of art, but nothing can compare with God’s art work.

Okay I’ll stop talking know. Do you guys have any suggestion of where I should go exploring next? I am always up for another adventure! (At least I will be when I get over this cold)
Lots of loves,
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