Kids Fashion Picks: Spring Edition

One of the things I absolutely love, love about being a nanny is helping buy the kids’ clothes. It fills so many emotional voids. (Lol) It meets my needs of fashion and organization, while just soothing that compulsion to buy things.  Seriously nanny-ing is my dream job!

I thought you guys (especially you moms out there) might enjoy some of my top Kids Fashion Picks: Spring Edition! I might make this a recurring thing on my site. Like every season do a new top kids picks. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in something like that?
Well, that’s just see how the first one goes and decide from there. 
My fav place to buy kids clothes is Old Navy. Totally my taste in style and patterns, plus it’s super easy to order online. They’re return policy is super easy as well, since they give you the option to return via mail or dropping it off at the store. (Pro tip: Old Navy’s sizes due tend to run a bit big so just keep that in mind when shopping.)
Let’s get to it!
  1. Girl’s Denim Jacket

Who’s surprised by this one? If you are you obviously new here. Anything denim is loved on this site! So what’s cuter than a kid’s denim jacket? It comes in different washes, but the light wash is my fav. The best thing about a denim jacket is it literally could go with anything! Over a t-shirt, over a dress, over a romper, etc. 
  1. Fit and Flare Tutu Dress

They had this dress last year too- Oh my gosh! So cute! (looks great with a denim jacket over it. I’m not saying, I’m just saying) Comes in wide variety of colors, but the pink is obviously the winner here. Just a super cute dress that the munchkin could wear to church and yet is comfortable enough to wear all day too. (I also loved this dress pack in both color selections)
  1. “Mother” Graphic Tee

Quiet honestly any of their graphic tees could have made this list (here are a few of my other favs this one and this one) but this one was my top pick. It’s just a super cute and sweet shirt. I do wish it was a darker shade as I fear it’ll stain easily but still super, super cute.
  1.  Denim Cutoff Shorts

Okay that didn’t have my top pick for girl shorts anymore… They were covered in little daisies… Oh well! These are cute too and kinda give off the same vib.
  1. Twisted Fauc-Spade Sandals

Finally for the girls section these absolutely adorable pair of sandals. Guys… guys these are freakishly cute! I love these so much.
Now for the boys…
  1. Graphic Pocket Tank

These are so cute and great for July 4th. Plus you can get a girl equivalent! How sweet is that? Have all your munchkins matching. 
  1. Graphic Crew Neck Tee

Kinda of like girls section there were a lot of different graphic tees I liked (here are a few. This one and this one) but this one was my favorite! 
  1. Drawstring Shorts

Once again they don’t have my fav anymore… They were cute lobster shorts… I guess the shark shorts are more functional and could be more with more things… But the lobsters.
  1. Faux-Leather Fisherman Sandals

Aren’t these adorable? They can be worn all summer long and could easily be dressed up or down. Love these.
  1. Faux-Suade Triple-Strap Sneakers

Last but not least are these functional pair of sneakers.
So whatcha guys think? Do you like this kind of post or should i focus on other stuff? Please let me know down in the comments and also let me know if you buy any of my picks for your baby! I’d love to know.
Lots of loves,
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