Mary Poppins’ Umbrella

Okay this outfit was born more out of necessity than anything else. I feel like I could easily rename this series Seven Layered Outfits of Spring  to The 7 Different Weather Conditions of the Midwest. We’ve covered the chilly, snowy weather; the sunny, windy day and now we’ll cover rain, rain, rain. (For those of you who don’t know it’s been raining here for almost three weeks straight… I guess it could be worse… I could be snow)

GAP “Orange” Jacket(This jacket is several years old. I couldn’t find it but this is similar)
Anyway today’s look is rainy day perfect! From the Hunter Boots to the GAP rain jacket to my Disney’s Mary Poppins Umbrella print top, it screams crappy weather. (Ha!)

(See above info)
Incidentally this is one of the look is I’m taking with me to Ireland and London. If you swap out the boots for some Keds and detich the jacket you still have a very chic outfit.
(See above info)
Just a shout out; these boots are amazing. I ended up exploring this gorgeous river walk and trekked through some thick mud. They totally held up to whatever I put them through and I loved the shorter stalk. They didn’t feel as cumbersome or heavy on my feet. Perfect for exploring!
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