One Month Away: Dublin&London

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Where has the time gone? I mean it feels like yesterday it was January and Tay and I were planning this “trip-to-end-all-trips” (I mean hopefully not- I still wanna see Tahiti) Now it’s just a mont away… ONE MONTH AWAY!!! How crazy is that?

I thought you guys would like an update on where things stand. Like a week or 2 before the actual day of departure I’ll put together a proper post of what I’m packing/not packing. And then of course there’ll be the 5 billion posts you’ll have to endure when we get back about everything we did, saw and ate. (Because there will be snacks!) But until then here’s a brief-ish update.
  1. Fish&Chips
Let’s start off with something trivial shall we. But both Tay and I were bummed about not getting fish and chips. I mean to an American what else do the English eat? (Besides tea and biscuits) But so many of you globe trotters told us that the fish and chips in London city just ain’t good, or at least don’t do the dish justice. That the best fish and chips are by the sea. Well once we’re in London we aren’t taking any excursions out ( we just don’t have enough time) so we had resigned ourselves to no fish and chips. But it occurred to me that when we come over the Irish Sea via ferry we’ll land in Holyhead, which you guessed it is by the sea. And wouldn’t you know it there’s a lovely restaurant that sits right on the coast that’s pretty popular for it’s fish&chips? 
  1. Compulsive and Obsessive Planning
I tried to be good, I really did. I tried not to plan every second of our trip, to leave one day open for spontaneity… But I couldn’t help myself (There’s just too many cool things to do) which resulted in me overbooking one day- Oops! Thankfully we got it all straightened out and our week officially can handle no more crazy schemes by me. 
  1. Cool Finds: For Packing and on the Plane
Again you globe trotters were super helpful in suggesting some tips for packing and comfort on the long plane ride. Like this super nifty gadget that slips over the tray table and acts as a hammock for your feet. Life-saver! 
Or packing an extra bag for whatever you buy over there. (Because there will be shopping!)  Just super cool stuff like this makes my anxiety way less. 
  1. Pre-trip Anxiety
Speaking of anxiety… I’m not super anxious, more excited than anything. But I want this trip to be great for Tay and I’m trying to tell myself that even if nothing goes according to the plan we’ll still have a blast!
I’m gonna cut my rambling off here. Until next time…
Lots of loves,
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