May Flowers

When I first came up with the idea to do the series Seven Layered Outfits of Spring this was one of the first outfits I put together.
Forever 21 “Grey” Knit Sweater (this is similar) Kensie Floral Jeans (this is similar) Eddie Bauer “White” Top, Tommy Hilfiger “Blue” tee (this is similar), Kate Spade “Purple” Scalloped Tote (this is similar) Royal&Reese “One Fine Day” Loafers (they’re out of stock)
The multiple layers of this look give you so many different ways to style it throughout the day, if the weather improves or gets worse. I personally liked having all three layers on at once. I just thought it looked super classy.
See above info.
These pants are one of my favs! I have another outfit planned with them down the road (e.g. when is gets warmer) that is sooo cute. 
Lots of loves,
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