Dublin&London Photo Diary

I know it’s been forever! Where are the trip posts I promised? And pictures of London adventures? Let me tell you how crazy my life has been since getting back… Well it’s been crazy, however here at last are some of my promises fulfilled. (And yes at the time of writing this it is still very crazy. No one said being a nanny was easy.) 
Anyway we’re back and all that’s left are tube tickets and broachers. We had a blast, but it’s nice to be home. I’m sure you’re more than ready to hear all about the trip, which I am at least splitting into two posts if not more. But our first post is just a classic “photo diary” (like this post from last year) of my favorite photos and some of the stories behind them. Hope you enjoy!

Us on the plane obviously… Like a couple of dorks.

Dublin, Ireland 2019

Ah, Dublin our first stop on the journey. It reminded both Tay and I of a big and very old college town (which I guess it is) No skyscrapers or busy highways, just poky stone cobbled streets and pub after pub of history. Dublin is an old man covered in the grim and dirt of years, wearing them like badges and not giving two hoots what you like of him or his ways. 

Wales 2019

Though we just passed through Wales via the train I know that I could have spent all ten days wandering the fields, paths, streams and bluffs. I love Wales and like I said I didn’t actually visit any of it. 

London, England 2019

 -Day #1 

 -Day #2
 -Day #3

Way Home
Yeah there are a few mishaps going home,  so here at Holyhead Port is where my picture story ends. Keep a look out for the next post where we’ll really dive in to where we stayed, what we saw, what we’d do different, blah, blah.  You get the drift.
Lots of loves,
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