Banana Nanas

We’ve had a surplus of bananas lately and the kids (though they love bananas) were, I think, getting tired of the same old fare. Below are two recipes for your banana nana book.
#1- A Very Banana Pudding
I loved this and thought it tasted delicious! That being said the twins did not care for it and it only kept for like two or three days. So unless you absolutely love, LOVE bananas this recipe is not for you.
1/2 c. Sugar
2 tbsp. Flour
1/4 tsp. Salt
1 c. Milk
4 eggs
1 tbsp. Vanilla Flavor
5 Overly Ripe Bananas
1 box Vanilla Wafers
Mix flour, salt, and sugar; add milk slowly. Stir constantly over low heat until thickened. (It doesn’t take long) Stir and cook for 15 minutes. Beat eggs in a bowl and stir into mixture slowly. Cook about 5 more minutes, constantly stirring. Remove from heat and add vanilla flavor. Squash bananas and add to mixture. Spread in casserole dish, top with wafers and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Finally, set in fridge until chilled. Enjoy!
#2- Nana-pops
Now this one was a complete success! Got a perfect 100 rating from the kiddos and it was ridiculously easy to make.
3-4 Bananas (this will make 6-8 popsicles)
Cut bananas in half and either stick a popsicle stick (or I used a straw) into them. Roll in honey, cover in sprinkles and freeze for two-three hours. It’s super healthy and the kids love the sweetness! 
Let me now if you guys like these recipes, or if you’ve tried any of them. 
Starting in December I’m thinking of doing a different cookie recipe once a week, plus an old Christmas story/tradition of my family’s. Is that something you’d be interested in? Let me know!
Lots of loves,
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