Carry On

Ever feel like life’s thrown you a curveball? And then like three more one after another? Yeah that’s I feel, which bring to mind my Mom’s infamous quote, ‘It won’t always be this way.” If it’s going good, give thanks and enjoy it because it won’t always be this way.  If it’s rough give thanks and hold on, because it won’t always be this way. One thing about life is it’s always changing.
In the past couple of months some pretty amazing things have happened; like I became an aunt! But also some crummy things; like my car, my dream car, died.
Sometimes the changeableness of life is exciting; you never know what will happen tomorrow. Other times it’s frightening and disheartening; I really don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. That’s when I give thanks or should try to. 
Yes life is never the same but God is immutable- His promises are everlasting and there is no shadow if turning with Him.
I don’t know how your life is changing, but I do know hat God is the same yesterday, today and forever. That nothing surprises or startles Him, or causes Him to rethink the game plan. That a relationship with Him through faith in Jesus Christ is hope. And that without Him there is no hope.
When times get difficult or just plain overwhelming, I struggle to lay my worries down at the cross. Which is basically me saying I don’t trust God to handle it. But when I finally let go of my own schemes and plotting and numerous escape plans doomed to fail; I’m stunned to realize that no matter what happens as a child of God is for His glory and my ultimate good. And that’s very comforting.
Lots of loves,
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