When Nannying Goes Wrong

I should state first of all that nothing technically has gone wrong…. Well kind of. (That’s why it’s a perfect time to write this- lol)
One of the questions I get asked a lot is how my time off works? (Which we briefly covered Here) Talking with several other nanny’s there are multiple ways parents handle it. One is picking up the gap themselves, which my employers do but this is not always practical or possible. Another way is employing a babysitter, but this is more only for every once in awhile. The last option is to have another nanny. This is how my workplace operates.
The other nanny is a live-out, full time employee who basically works anytime I’m not, with only a little lap-over (so we can share battle plans- but more on this later) This makes everything nice and covered and as stressless as possible.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with two different ladies since I started here. However what happens when my back-up moves on? Quits? Or gets a new job? Who covers the gap until someone else is hired? I’ve unfortunately experienced this too. So I’m gonna give you a look at my crazy schedule during this time and a few tips to get you and the family through the crazy, if you experience the same thing.
1.) Shielding the Kiddos
Any kind of change can be stressful for a little one. They don’t understand what’s going on (even when you explain it to them) or why they’re regularly scheduled programming is messed up.  So keeping their schedule (school, classes, naps, etc.) as unaffected as possible is important. Now this can’t always be managed but it should be a goal for you and the parents.
2.) Being Flexible But Being Wise
I’m gonna be honest my work schedule goes from crazy busy to nuts real fast. As I mentioned previously being flexible is a must but especially when the family is going through a transition time. I will quiet likely pick-up a descent amount of the gap hours on top of what I already work. 
That being said keeping yourself from working to death is also important. This is where having a great work-family is extremely helpful. You want someone who sees and realize the amount of extra work you’re contributing. So my advice is when you have time off, even if it’s just for a few hours- GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!! (And/or take a nap) If it’s just for a car ride, a walk around the park or mall, catching a movie or seeing a friend; as much as possible leave work behind you. Oh and sleep when you can! (I think you might have caught that)
3.) Remember it’s Only Temporary 
Hopefully it’s only going to last so long and then you’ll get back to normal. No one said being a live-in nanny was easy, but it’s not always this crazy or at least it shouldn’t be.
Next time we’ll cover how to work with another nannies and then maybe what to do if you are getting worked to death. Until then…
Lots of loves,
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