Pittsburgh 2019

Here is the official look-book for the Pittsburgh Trip 2019, plus some travel tips for visiting the steel city from a real expert. (Ha- not me!)

The. House we rented in Pittsburgh (Super cute!)

More pics from Lake Canadohta

Lake Erie

Niagara Falls- obviously 🙄

Meadville, PA. (Which is between Lake Canadohta and Pittsburgh)

  1. Point State Park
So I went here last year as it’s like #1 on anyone’s list when visiting Pittsburgh and I would highly recommend checking it out. It gives you a real sense of the city and the history behind it. Obviously a trip inside to the Fort Pitt Museum is included since you’re right there.   
Point State Park
Speaking of parks the Pittsburgh area is chalk full of them! Two others I really liked were Riverside Park in Oakmont, PA. And Boyce Park near Monroeville, PA. Both are just fun parks to walk around and explore.
2. Kennywood Park
Basically Pittsburgh’s version of Six Flags. There is also a sister water park called the Sandcastle, but I’ve never been there so all I’ll talk about is Kennywood. It was actually a really nice park. Not super huge but clean and the rides were awesome for such a small park. It is kinda pricy but after five the tickets are half off, so just keep that in mmind if you plan a visit.
I’m about to die.
3. Shopping Vintage
Shopping is a woman’s great pleasure (well my great pleasure) So on my day off while there I looked up what Pittsburgh had to offer resale wise and what I found was a wonderful surprise. Clothes Minded in Bloomfield, PA. is a pretty cool spot for name brand clothes for like $5. You might have to do some digging to find unique and fun pieces but it’s worth a visit. And while there stop by a White Whale Bookstore and maybe grab a bit of pizza from Angelo’s Pizzeria (which was closed when I was there but it looked sooo good! Crying face) or pick up some Italian cookies from Donatelli’s Food Center. (Or both)
Then head over to the Southside and check-out Highway Robbery Vintage and Three Rivers Vintage. Highway Robbery by far was the coolest! If you’re still hungry grab a ginormous salad from Hello Bistro! And their Blackberry Cream Soda  was delicious!
4. Eating!
Speaking of eating if you’re still hungry grab an Italian sub from New York Super Subs (so yummy!) 
 And for breakfast fare I’ve got you covered my friends. Grab a coffee from Mechanic Coffee Shop in Verona, PA. and as many sweets as you can  stand from Oakmont Bakery in Oakmont, PA. obviously.
That’s it guys! Let me know if you visit the City with a view. (Wink, wink) I do feel like this post has an exorbitant amount of food pics in it… Oh well!
Lots of loves,
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