Something New and Blue

As most of you know I recently made an investment in the future. More specifically I bought a new car! I think I can finally say I’m excited and happy with this decision.
That statement needs more background… My first car- my dream car, my car to last for years to come, just became impossible to maintain. My Mini Cooper Countryman will be that car I brag about to my kids some day, “I was so cool back then.” It’ll be the one I wish I could drive just one more time. But alas changes are what life is all about and it became apparent I needed a new car.
But this is a daunting task when I don’t know what kind of car I want (I mean I have my dream car) and when I don’t want a new car! Thankfully I had some amazing friends and family who helped me with the tears and frustration and helped me start a list of what I wanted in a new car. 
I knew I wanted new not only for the warranties that come with owning a new car but for the knowledge of being responsible for every mile. (My new car had all of 8 miles on it when I purchased it)
  1. Reliable 
Obviously I wanted something reliable that wasn’t going to need to be checked on every other week (My mini) and that could last a really, REALLY long time.
With this is mind I narrowed my search down to two companies: Toyota and Honda.
2. Size Matters
I loved being able to whip my mini into the impossible parking spots and back out again with the ease that made other people jealous. That being said I didn’t want another small car. I wanted something with a little more space; not huge, but bigger. (Of course compared to a Mini almost anything is bigger) The idea I kept coming back to was that if I got married and had a couple of kids I didn’t want to have to instantly go out and but a new car. I was planning for the long game. (No I’m not getting married anytime soon)
This further narrowed my search to the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda HR-V.
3. All About that Style 
Being practical up to this point, I wanted something I liked driving. The angels, the color, the look and feel of the car. Thus I singled on the RAV4, more specifically the “Blue One”.
I always had to remember where I parked my mini as big trucks loved to box it in (guess it made them feel bigger to park next to such a small car) but as many people have pointed out I could never miss “Blue” anywhere.
All in all I love new my car and some grateful to God for letting everything work out better than I expected. (Funny how He does that) Unlike my mini, which was instant love on my part, this love has come much more… softly. (Comment if ya get it- lol) And I’m super excited to hit the road!
*Here are some of my other nonnegotiable point:
1.All-wheel drive (all RAV4 are AWD)
2. Apple Car Play
3. Moon Roof
4. Not white or black (everyone has a white or black car)
Lots of loves,

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