Most Common Misconception About Being a Nanny

1.) That it’s like Babysitting
Okay let’s just dive right in with one of the biggest misconception about nannyhood- It’s not babysitting!! I can’t tell you how many times people have said, “Oh you’re a nanny? Yeah I babysat for years.” That’s awesome but two totally different jobs and not to be used in comparison with each other. Yes babysitting is amazing pre-nanny experience but actually being a nanny is so much more. As a babysitter, even if you work for one regularly there is a limit to your exposure with the children. Being a nanny, as I’ve touched on before, you become intimately apart of the family’s daily lives. You might not make the final decisions regarding on the kids live but you help lay things in place so those decisions can be made. You’re there when they wake up, when they go to sleep, when they get home from school or fall down. When they’re sick, frightened, happy, tired, angry and excited. You help with homework and know the dislikes and likes of each child. You buy their clothes, arrange their summer events, wrap their gifts, read their body language, prepare their food, teach them the Bible and the ABC’s.
Now let me make a caveat here; nannyhood might be as close as you can get to motherhood without actually being a mother, but it is not the same! I can be “off” a mother never is (nor a father) Even when she’s away she’s still thinking and worrying about her kids. But to lump nannying in with babysitting is a gross understatement.
2.) It’s easy
A lot of people, since they think it’s basically babysitting, think being a nanny is easy. That you just sit there and watch kids play for a couple of hours… Umm no. You have to be a great multitasker and also prioritize what needs to get done first. You have to juggle different peoples schedules and wants and be prepared to throw all your plans out the window because of unforeseen obstacles. Yes some days are less hectic than others but they can become crazy fast. Oh an that little break you were gonna take when they’re all sleeping… yeah that’s gone too. Some days the noise level of four sweet, but surprisingly loud voices can drive you to the brink. It tests patience and perseverance. The kids know what buttons to push and some days they take turns pushing them. It isn’t easy but it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I wish I had control over each situation like Mary Poppins or just over my own emotions. That I could snap my fingers and everything is instantly resolved, but I’m only human. It adds a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Practically perfect in every way.” 
4.) It’s Impossible to Achieve
Enough of the negative. While it’s important not to go into any situation with rose colored glasses and I didn’t want to give the impression that everything is perfect all the time, I love my job and the family I work for! And it’s not impossible to get into this career field yourself, so don’t believe that. Just keep your ears to the ground, ask around and I highly recommend checking out And reading my previous posts on finding the right family (probably the most vital part), what the family is looking for and my own personal journey couldn’t hurt either.
5.) The Benefits 
Where to start? As a live-in my room&board is covered in my job description, which means I can save my money, pay off my car, go on awesome London vacations (wink) or even attend an online school. Finding the right family and/or situation can be financially freeing, but to me the personal relationships I’m making with the family and specifically the kids are life changing. Both to me and them. To have that much impact n someone’s life, to watch them grow into the people they’re going to be, is extremely humbling. I am constantly amazed and overwhelmed by where God has placed me.
That’s it for now. I hope this post encourages you in your pursuit of becoming a full-time nanny, but also gives some of the more unpleasant but honest facts. If you have any questions about the point I covered, or anything else about being a nanny, please leave a comment or shoot me an email. I’d be glad to help.
Lots of loves,
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