Top Three Outfits of Summer 2019

I feel like we haven’t done a fashion post in forever! I planned on doing so many this summer but yeah that did not happen. Best laid plans I guess. Since September is literally here and school has started everywhere; I thought I would do a brief recap of some of my fav outfits this past summer. I found myself wearing these a lot!
  1. Yellow Checkers
My top look in London and my top look this whole summer. I got compliments every time I wore this number. You could either dress with your fav high waist jeans or jean shorts. From top to bottom just an eye catching look.
2. That Red Dress
I haven’t found my little black dress yet but I did find the perfect red dress over the summer. It’s super cute and easily dressed up or down. But however you wear it, you’re guaranteed to grab some attention.
3. My Maxi
I’m not a fan of maxi dresses. They never look good on me, however this one is the bomb! Paired with this super cute peachy bralette you have a fun, cool summer outfit. 
Lots of loves,