Masquerade, Masquerade

So I had never been to a costume party before- Well except for a Girl Scout cowboy night and a handle full of Halloween events, but other than that nothing. This year, so far (the year is till young after all) I have been to two! 

Guys I love costume parties! I don’t think I can ever go to a regular party again (not that I go to a lot of parties let’s be honest) But I thought with Halloween right around the corner this would be a good time to share some inspiration if you’re struggling picking out a look for yourself. Below are my costumes from both parties. I think I might have gone a little bit too method; watching so many, many videos on the appropriate makeup and hairstyles. I even watched a 20/20 murder mystery set in the 80’s while I got ready for the 80’s party… Yeah… But if ya gonna do it, do it right! Right? 

  1. That’s So 80’s
I was most compared to Pat Benatar.”Hair VideoMakeup Video
“So much hairspray… so much makeup…”
“Special thanks to my boss, my Mom(my inspiration for the look) and my brother-in-law for all the 80’s advice!”
I got the jacket and pin at a garage sale; then just a  black tank, my Levi’s 517 vintage jeans and my turquoise sling back shoes from Old Navy.
2. Gypsy Living
 Okay so these are awful photos but they’re the only ones I took.. I am so ashamed of myself, because normally I take thousands of pictures.
 So I bought this on Amazon. A specially thanks to my Mom who picked it out!
So whatcha think? Any great costume looks? Please leave a pic below or on my Facebook page, I’d love to see it! And hay if you guys haven’t liked “A Nanny’s Notebook” Facebook page please do so. That way you stay up to date on all of my misadventures. Until next time…
Lots of loves,

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