Moving In

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new(and very much improved) site.

What do you guys think? Isn’t it gorgeous?

It’s not totally finished yet. There are still some last minute touches and personal details I’m going to be adding, but after two whole weeks of tweaking and fiddling with computer code(something I know absolutely nothing about) it’s finally looking like I imagined it would.

So why the switch? Why now? Why the big move?

Little over a year ago I started my blog. Something I’d always been interested in doing. My Dad told me back when I was in high school I should start a blog. He thought with my love for writing it would be a good way to document the internal musings of a teenage girl. Part of me wishes I had started it back then. However I was convinced that the life of a Christian homeschool student from a small town in Illinois would be boring and no one would want to know what she thought about. In finally starting a blog last year I realized that even if no one reads my posts or comments or likes(though I do want to thank my faithful followers- you guys are the best!) it doesn’t really matter… Because I love doing it. To me it’s relaxing and soothing. It forces me out of my comfort zone(taking fashion pics in public… yeah you get some weird looks) and makes me stop and take stock of the little things that happen in life. (After all they could make a good blog post)

In the end I think it’s good that I didn’t start my blog in high school. I don’t think I’d reached that point in my life where whether I was accepted by people or not, didn’t matter. I mean I still want people to like me(I’m human) but not at the expense of who I am or the truth.

Anywho all that to say, starting my blog has been one of the coolest things I think I’ve ever done. Seriously.

When I started it so long ago, I started it on Blogger. The biggest reason being it was free. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on my own site if I found out I just didn’t have time for it or didn’t like it.(Read vomit of words above if you think I don’t like it) But after a year of consistently writing not one but two blog posts a week I decided it was time to commit to this hobby of mine. Quiet honestly I had reached the limit of things I could do on Blogger. Not to mention the comment section didn’t work and the subscribe button kinda worked. Obviously it was time to move on to bigger and better things. To add new content(so excited) and take on new challenges. To have many more misadventures!

Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  1. Organization

As you guys know I am a terribly organized person. It borders on the edge of insanity (who am I kidding? I am crazy) So this new site is AWESOME because all past and future posts will be assigned a category! Yay! That way if you want info on being a nanny, or fashion or whatever, you can easily look it up! This is for you my fellow OCD friends.


That’s right you’ll actually be able to leave comments! I think I might be more excited about this than you guys. My blog is not just a one way street of endless words on my part. It’s a conversation between friends. Not to be cheesy guys, but that’s you, my friends. (Aww!)

3. Subscribe

Please, please guys subscribe now! Don’t miss a single post. Before I had spread the word about a new posts via Facebook– Well not anymore! I mean that guys. NN’s Facebook and other social accounts, while occasionally spreading the word about new posts are going to be redirected to other things. So if you want to stay abreast of the latest posts, subscribe.

4. New Content

In addition to our ever on going series “nannyhood“, travel and all things fashion; we’ll be adding product reviews(specifically baby and children products. So if there’s anything you’d like me to review please leave it down in the comments), a blogging series(all about blogging) and… A YouTube channel. That’s right vlogging. Don’t get too excited just yet we’re going to be easing ourselves into this one. Testing the waters if you will. But yeah it’s gonna be exciting!

5. Great Content

Finally I want to give you guys the best content I can as a flawed, somewhat goofy human being. So stay tuned guys.

For now go explore the new home for A Nanny’s Notebook and be sure to subscribe and leave any questions or comments below.

As always…

Lots of love,