Working With Other Nannies

In writing this- Well let’s just say I hesitate. Not because I’m afraid of offending someone as I have worked with some fabulous ladies. I just don’t want it to be taken the wrong way. Hence my first point…

  • Everyone Does it Differently- Everyone has their own strengthens and weaknesses. That’s true anything in life. If my fellow nanny has different things she thinks is important for the kids to take part in(like crafts) or to learn more about(like proper table manners) that’s awesome! And she might have a different way to handle bedtimes(like she might have everyone go upstairs together, which I don’t do all the time. I like to do one at a time) or dinner times or anything like that. Which is not the end of the world. It’s important for the kids to see each adult figure in their life as having some authority. So the ability and freedom to make certain decisions is key.
  • A Common Game Plan- That being said a common game plan is also super important. There are some things which need to be the standard no matter who is currently watching the littles. Disciplinary standards and enforcement for instance. It does no one any good if the kids are constantly having different standards of conduct depending on who is in charge. If Johnny isn’t allowed to go outside before his homework is done and yet my fellow nanny is constantly letting him do so and now he doesn’t have any of his homework done- Do you see my point? As I mentioned before in the post about finding a good work family it’s vital to get these disciplinary standards from the parents. So you’re not just pulling them out of thin air.
  • Passing on Strategies/Information- Going hand-in-hand with the above point if there’s no communication between me and my fellow nanny who is coming on after me… Well let’s just say it can quickly become a disaster. As an example let’s say Johnny didn’t do his homework and is now grounded from the TV. If I however do not pass that one to nanny #2 and she let’s him watch a show that night, who’s fault is it? Mine and to an extent Johnny’s cause he knew he was grounded. But still communication is sooo important for this job.

Does any of this make sense? If you have any questions, or need any advice on nannying please just shoot me a comment or a DM on any of my social accounts and I will get back to you. I am doing a follow up post to this blog about how to handle a fellow nanny, who is not doing her job. Until then…

Lots of love,


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