My Favorite Bloggers

When elegantly stepping(more like falling face first) into the world of blogging I didn’t have a cool how to go about it. Obviously I knew what a blog was, but to say I followed any particular blogger or knew any of the “blogger lingo”… Well I didn’t. But when I officially started this endeavor I wanted to see how others did it. You know people who have done it for a long time- Successful, basically. How did I go about this? Like any good millennial I hit the internet!

Below are just a few of the dozen or so blogs I “follow”. I find reading them gives me pointers and ideas for posts of my own. I would be lost with out these lovely ladies paving the way for future blog-addicts like me.

  • Carly the Prepster– Carly was the second official blog I followed. Her posts re half lifestyle and half fashion. But it’s her writing voice that got me. Every time I read one of her blogs I feel like I’m having a conversation with a friend.
  • A Clothes Horse– Rebecca is probably my favorite blogger! Her posts are simply magical. From the amazing photography and design, to her unique way of taking an ordinary fashion post and tying into an idea that I wouldn’t normally associate with clothes. Plus her new puppy Solomon(he’s an Irish Wolfhound) is soooo cute! He makes me want a big dog. (I could totally hide him down in my room, right?)
  • Forever Amber– Amber has the gift of gab- In a really good way! Her posts are but hilarious and really informative. She’s a lifestyle/travel blogger, but specifically dealing with being a new mom and all the things she’s learning with that.
  • World of Wanderlust– Brooke runs a completely amazing travel blog. It makes me want to go everywhere! And her travel tips are so helpful. (I used a few for my trip to London)

Anyway that’s it guys. Again I hope you enjoyed the post. If you haven’t followed my blog please do so now. Until we meet again,

Lots of love,


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