Monthy Media Favs October 2019

It’s that time again! To share with what I’ve been loving the last month. Let’s dive in!

TV Shows/Series

  • Blue Bloods Season 9The Regans just keep chugging along don’t they? This past season Jamie and Eddie finally tied the knot, Frank and Erin have fallen out, and Danny has finally put Linda behind him… Maybe. I’m a sucker for this silly show and though this past season is probably my least favorite of the series I still binged it in two weekends.
  • Outlander Season 2I both love and dislike Outlander. I watched the first season rather quickly but I wasn’t in a super hurry to pick it back up. But once I started watching season two I dived in head first… I don’t know I can only handle so much of it at a time I guess. (I do watch this and other more adult content shows on an awesome streaming service called Vidangle. Basically you sign your other accounts -Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.- into Vidangle and then they censor out whatever you want. And you can specially select for each episode what you want cut out and what you don’t- LOVE it!)
  • Victoria Season 3In prep for season 3 of the Crown I devoured this show! I mean this show is awesome so there’s very little I can add to it. And this season’s cliff hanger ending- ??? I’m so upset right now. Also I feel like last month was all true crime, true crime and this month it’s period pieces. That shows you perfectly my two moods.


  • AnnihilationSo I don’t actually like this movie, or at least the majority of it. But I love the concept and parts of it. It’s kinda like Interstellar it’s interesting, yet the ending especially leaves you wanting. Anyway it peeked my interest enough to want to read the books. So we’ll see how that goes.


  • NumbOr quite honestly anything by Dotan. (Fall, Home, 7 Layers) My younger sister(who has an eclectic taste in music) recommended this moody singer. His songs have fit in incredibly with the October weather and feel. He’s been on repeat constantly.
  • ClayYes to some people Grace VanderWaal’s voice is annoying but not to me. I find her voice so cool and unique. This is probably my favorite song of hers. An old one for me, but definitely an October fav.


The same old honestly. I haven’t read nearly as much as I wanted to this month. It’s just flown by.


Same with podcasts. I haven’t really picked any new ones up. Any suggestions?

That’s it my fine fellows. Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments below or via any of my social media accounts.

Lots of love,


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