Musicals that Need to be Made

As a musical enthusiast and broadway lover I have a short list of stories I’d love to see be turned into musicals. (Doesn’t everyone have a list?) Get ready to wish for these musical adaptions too!

How to Marry a Millionaire – The classic film starring Lauren Becall, Marilyn Monroe and Betty Garble(plus the adorable William Powell) turned into a tie tapping, hilarious and classic rom-com. Imagine it; two broke blondes and brunette plot to marry millionaires in New York. The first guy they meet falls for the brunette but his just any ordinary Joe. Next they find older oil king(William Powell) a prince from the Middle East and creepy New York businessman. However each in turn falling for a forest ranger, a man in the witness protection program and that ordinary Joe from earlier. Oh and Joe turns out not to be so ordinary but the wealthiest bachelor in New York! If that isn’t the perfect frame work for a good musical I don’t know what is.

Oliver and Company- Quiet honestly I can’t believe Disney hasn’t already converted this forgotten classic into a musical. Adding just a few new, updated numbers to it’s already impressive musical vocabulary and fleshing out the side characters a bit more and you have a wonderful musical. (80’s-90’s glory)

Prince of Egypt- I have great news guys this one is actually becoming- scratch that has become a musical!! And it’s about time! The music and the story are amazing and I can’t wait for this musical to go on tour. I’ve linked a video of some of the amazing music below. (When You Believe)

Cats Don’t Dance- This is probably one of my favorite animated movies ever and that’s mainly because the music is so darn catchy! The plot could easily be turned from animals being refused speaking roles in Hollywood to a group of young aspiring actors being refused roles. Maybe ones they even originated. Oh I would see this musical in a heart beat! (Example #1, Example #2, and Example #3)

That’s it my fine people! Do you have a story that you think would make an awesome musical? Do you have a favorite musical? A favorite song from a musical? List below!!

  • Favorite Musical- Three way tie between Hamilton/Phantom/Anastasia
  • Favorite Song- One Day More… or Lily’s Eyes…

Lots of love,


7 thoughts on “Musicals that Need to be Made

  1. I am also am a musical theatre fanatic.

    Well, I also have a tie when it comes to my favorite musical- Les Mis/Wicked

    By the way, I do love Phantom of the Opera and hope to see Anastasia

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  2. I’m a complete musical theatre lover.
    I quite like this list, although I don’t know all the movies listed (I’m adding them to an ever increasing list of ‘I’ll get around to watching that’).
    There’s another potential blog post to do (although it would be controversial). What stories shouldn’t have been adapted into musicals? Because there are some that are just wonderful as they are and don’t need anything done to them!

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