Creating a Signature Style

It’s been forever since I wrote on this subject and here I was going to do a whole mini series on it. Well we are going to do that! And it starts now. I have been given the task and the immense privilege of helping my younger sister rework her wardrobe and personal style. My sister is a tall, brunette of beauty who has never, ever cared for fashion. A tom boy thru and thru, plus the biggest nerd(I’m being honest) who ever existed. But you can be a comic book lover, video game enthusiast and still look flawless.

My mission should I choose to accept it, is to help Tay build her perfect capsule wardrobe(so she’ll never need to buy new clothes again) of things she’ll actually wear. My game plan?

  • Finding the Theme– Your theme is like finding you. If you could be captured in clothes what would it look like? Well Tay is a tom boy, a geek and stunning, so… Something that combines all three of these elements is what I was looking for. Looking for inspiration I turned to Pinterest(I mean obviously) and started sending Tay various looks to get her opinion. But nothing was really clicking. Randomly she sent me a pic of Doctor Who and I was stunned. His costume was super similar to some ideas I’d been seeing. I’d found her theme!
  • The Building Blocks- Using Doctor Who as a template for ones style is a bit crazy and out there but guys that’s what makes it so unique and awesome! When we’re done Tay is gonna have one of the closest closets on the planet. The more I looked up all thirteen Doctors costumes for the show the more excited I got. With these outfits she would have the building blocks to create thousands of combinations. The building blocks of a signature style.
  • Creating a Shopping List- Or specifically a Pinterest board. Getting our ducks in a row so when we get to the fun part(for me anyway, Tay’s not a fan of it) shopping we know what we’re looking for. Nothing is more dangerous than going clothes shopping without a list. That’s when you buy everything you see. Plus because Taylor’s new look is very vintage resale/thrift stores for those one-of-a-kind pieces, we’ll be less likely to buy everything we see.
Who knew Doctor Who was so fashionable?
  • Shop Till She Drops- Obviously building a totally new style can not be done in a day. Unless you’re a filthy rich person with money to burn I suppose. But getting at least one full outfit off our list, so she can really get a feel for it and make sure this is actually the direction she wants her fashion self to go is the goal. If we can’t find anything that’s okay. You’d rather find the right pieces than a ton of bad ones that you won’t wear.
  • Clear Out the Old- This is probably the biggest step in changing ones signature look- YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF THE OLD. Otherwise you’ll just go back to the same old, same old because it’s warm and familiar. Change is uncomfortable and takes time, but you need to commit to that change. And nothing says commitment like a donation to Good Will.

That’s it for now, but keep a look out for this continuing series. It’s going to be fun to see Tay’s transformation into the fashion elite. Here’s a link to our Pinterest board and keep a look out on my Instagram/stories for coming fashion moments.

Lots of love,


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