Top Ten Kids Christmas Gifts: 2019 Edition

It’s crazy to think that it’s that time of year again. Time to bring out the tinsel and the plastic Christmas tree. Of course Christmas for me starts in early October as the kiddos Christmas presents start arriving in the daily post. My room starts to resemble Santa’s workshop fast. Who would have thought wrapping presents would be a markable skill in the workforce. Thanks mom for the expert training. She’s obviously lots better than me, but then again she’s had a lot more practice. Totally going off on a merry-go-round train of thought here, but this makes me think of the year Santa(mom) didn’t wrap presents and instead they were all just pilled up in separate areas for each kid. At the time I was confused why Santa “ran out of time” to wrap my and my siblings gifts, but today I’m amazed she only missed one year! I mean, I think my kids might never get wrapped gifts. Ha!

Anyway bringing our thoughts back around to Christmas and the gift giving season I am planning on doing a series of posts dealing with my top gifts to give the ankle grabbers in your life. Whether you be a nanny, Granny or Mom(or dad, grandpa)

I’m giving you this entry post before the actual season starts so you guys can get prepared. I hate how stores and the general populace just go straight from Halloween to Christmas and completely skip Thanksgiving(my fav holiday by the way). I guess it’s hard to celebrate Thanksgiving without being thankful to someone(a.k.a. God) So I won’t be posting any other posts about Christmas until after November 28th, but after that guys be prepared to be over whelmed by holiday cheer!!

How are these posts going to work? I am planning on doing four top ten posts each list dealing with a different age group. In the end you’ll have 40 amazing gift ideas that are Nanny Approved! I will have them up the first two weeks of December so you’re not totally left without time to actually purchase these treasures. However for you last minute shoppers it might give you some inspiration. And guys none of these posts are sponsored(I just started blogging- Sponsors haven’t found me yet and probably never will) so these are just my honest opinions and normally have to do with products I’ve actually handled or have given myself.

Anyway enough rambling. Look out for the first post in this mini series coming December 2019.

Lots of love,


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