Living without My Phone for Three Weeks

Doesn’t the title just scare you to death? Going into this “first world problem” (e.g. not that important in the grand scheme of things) I thought, “My phone is not working. Well that’s inconvenient but I can totally handle it.” Boy was I wrong!

I mean I was totally fine without updating my status on Facebook or Twitter every five seconds. (Because I’ve only tweeted like three things my whole life) And I liked not having to know constantly where my phone was. However- We were all waiting for that however weren’t we?- However my job involves a lot of texting between me and my boss and her assistant and the back-up nanny. Me without a phone quickly caused a lot of confusion and miscommunication. It was driving me insane!!!

Plus I have become absurdly dependent on the GPS on my phone. Like I have a hard time going anywhere without it, even if I’ve been there a thousand times. There’s always just that underlying fear that I’ll get lost, or worse be late. The horror!

I mean it’s kinda humorous(okay it is humorous) but at the time I was really upset about it. To me five minutes early is to time, ten minutes early is five minutes early and on time is late. So arriving to job related things 17 minutes late because of miscommunication is seriously stressful. I mean like majorly.

Finally after trying everything to fix my phone I ended up having to replace it. Which you now is not a cheap fix… Yikes! But in the end I learned a few vital things: AppleCare is worth it, cellphones can and often are helpful, but life happens and worrying and complaining about it does absolutely no good. Scarlet O’Hare’s life motto became my own, “I can’t think about this today… I’ll think about it tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day.”

How long have you gone without a cellphone? (Dad you don’t need to answer this one- He just got a cellphone six months ago) What about freaking out about being late? Or early? Am I the only one who is anxious about this? Let me know down below.

Lots of love,


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