My Kind of Travel

What’s become a Thursday morning tradition for me is to have hot cup of coffee, stay curled up in my bed and read my fav bloggers(who I listed here last month) It’s the perfect way to start off my weekend. For those of you who don’t know my days off are Thursday and Friday, since I work Saturday through Wednesday. Which I actually don’t mind because when I have to run errands or want to go exploring, nice times out ten there’s very few people since most people are supposed to at work. Sometimes if I do stumble upon a crap ton of people I am always quoted as saying, “Don’t you people have jobs?” The life of an introverted person(though I prefer the term self-reliant. Makes me feel less awkward)

Anyway this has absolutely nothing to do what I am talking to you guys about today. But I wrote all that to give you some context. At the time of writing this I have just finished up an hour or so of reading, when I read a post that just captured my attention and made me say, “Yes! That’s my kinda travel!”

Obviously it’s a travel blog and it is by World of Wunderlust(more specifically by Brooke) who has been a solo traveler since she was twenty. This post How to Travel Solo for the First Time (20 Top Tips) was just like she put all my ideals of traveling done perfectly.(Even getting up early to avoid the dreaded people) Now I have never traveled solo(I have always and probably always will drag my younger sister along with me) but this reinforced my absolute love for just… going.

Growing up my Dad was the home-body and Mom would go to the local Wal-Mart just to get out of the house. We took a yearly family vacation, always going somewhere new and those are some of the happiest memories. For me it is really more the journey than the destination(I mean the destination is great too) But the trip; the flights, the car rides, the train rides, the ferry rides- They all add up to those wonderful memories you’ll back on and say, “Wow did I actual do that?” “Did that really happen?”

In loo of heading off to North Carolina this weekend to visit family I realized how much I have come to love traveling. And I think once you catch the big it’s very hard to stop. I hope that me meager thoughts on this subject and Brooke’s enticing testimonies will infect you with the bug too.

Or maybe you’ve already been infected with the bug! Have you ever traveled solo? What has been your fav destination that you would go back to in a heart beat? What things have you learned from your travels?

Lots of love,


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