What I’m packing for a Weekend in North Carolina

I’m on the road again! Or should I say in the plane again. My love for traveling has definitely taken wing(pun intended) as I’ve taken more trips in the last two years than in my entire life. Not complaining! I love everything about traveling. The planning and packing, the actual traveling and of course the lovely memories that get tucked away for a rainy day. (As I mentioned in today’s early post, which if you haven’t read it you totally need to. Not saying just saying)

Since my older brother is unable to come home for Thanksgiving I am flying down there(North Carolina) the weekend before to spend a few days with him and his puppy Buck. I am planning on doing a vlog of this trip for those of you who enjoyed my first ever vlog about a month ago. I swore I would never do another because I thought it was just goofy but you guys(who are lovely human beings by the way) seemed to love it. So you’ll be getting vlog number two sometime after I get back. Keep a look out on my site and Facebook for details.

Anyhoo I thought I would share with you guys what I’m packing for this quick visit. And yes I am once again practicing my flat lay outfit pics… I personally think I suck at these but I was too lazy to actually model every single look. Plus my room looks like Santa’s workshop right now with all the Christmas presents and wrapping paper. (Which I explained in this post- I feel like this week I’ve been very chatty… Oh well I guess it makes up for the weeks when I’m not)

Excuse the wrinkles. But my airplane travel outfit is just a tee-shirt and my black leggings, North Face Fleece Jacket, Kate Spade Polly Crossbody, And Kate Spade+Keds Glitter Sneakers
So outfit #2 is my alpaca wool, terribly comfortable Dry Goods Knit Sweater, which I got on sale and therefore is no longer available, but this one is similar. Plus my Levi’s High-rise Skinny Jeans.
So outfit #3 is basically just bringing my Harry Potter Hogwarts Alumni T-shirt. My fourth and finally outfit will just be made of the different pieces I’ve already packed, so I’m not packing a ton of stuff into my carry on.

That’s it guys! I’ll see you in my next post and keep a look out for my upcoming travel vlog to North Carolina.

Lots of love,


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