Monthy Media Favs

Another month has flown by, hasn’t it? Doing this monthy wrap-ups is crazy. I mean I literally get done with one before it’s time to start another. I don’t know how super successful bloggers write seven posts a week and month updates and so and so. I have been able to bump up my posts to about three a week, which is so awesome! It’s all because of my switch to a WordPress platform and probably my favorite feature of being able to schedule posts to be published. It allows me to write more and computer stuff less. It’s probably obvious that I’m not too keen on the computer stuff. LOL Anyhoo let’s dive in shall we?

TV Shows/Series

So I haven’t watched any TV shows/Youtube this month since I had been spending way too much time doing so and I needed a break. It’s not that what I was watching was necessarily bad but I was spending all my time watching/thinking about it.


  • MidwayI haven’t been watching movies either, but I did take my Dad and family to see Midway over Veterans Day. It is a well done movie and did a good job showing you the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought in the battle. I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest, most inspiring war film I have ever seen(I think We Were Soldiers holds that title securely) but it was good and has a stellar cast.


  • Immortals– You know that song from Big Hero 6 by Fall Out Boy? Yeah I have been blasting it!
  • You Were There– My Dad just sent me this song and I really, really like it. Maybe because Ashley Cleveland’s super unique voice is in my vocal range(I mean she’s a much better singer but at least I can keep up) Just listen to it her voice is soo cool.
  • Sucker– No I am not a Jonas Brothers fan. I mean I don’t hate them but I don’t fan girl all over the place too. I do however like some of their new stuff, like the afore mentioned song and Only Human. They just get stuck in your head.


  • Blink- It’s amazing how much time you have for reading when you caught out TV. I finally finished Blink(First mentioned here) and it was good. Very thought provoking and not my normal fare, so a nice change of pace.
  • The Unwind Series– I’m on book three… And loving it! I will put a caveat here I do not agree with every argument brought forth in this book and some of the characters/situations are a bit stretched or forced. But it is a very creative plot. Imagine a world where America has just fought it’s second civil war(The Heartland War) and made peace only by making abortions illegal. However the parents can Unwind unwanted teenagers between 12-18. They send them off to harvest camps where the kid’s basically are diced and sliced and every bit of them is donated and grafted into other people. Messed up right?


  • Case File– Like with books I’ve found I have a lot more time for listening to truecrime podcasts… But quiet honestly all I have been listening to is Mr. Australian Ominous Guy and his gripping murder mysteries. I think what I like most is that he includes crimes from the U.K. Australia and the U.S.

Now it’s your turn! What have been your monthy media favs? Any recommendations for things I should check out? Do you disagree with my favs? I’d love to hear from ya!

Lots of love,


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