The Great Chicken Rescue

So two weeks ago now I came home from church to see what I thought was a hawk of some kind creeping underneath the pine trees. I took a quick pic but then steered clear, not wanting to mess with a killer bird.

As you can tell from the picture it was a rainy, yuck day so I just thought the hawk was taking shelter. Again I didn’t want to mess with a wild animal so I walked away.

The next day after doing the school run I came back to the house to find my boss’s mom and my boss’s personal assistant outside looking at the ugliest chicken I’d ever seen, standing underneath the basketball hoop. My hawk hadn’t been a hawk after all(shocker I know). We have no idea where the the poor thing had come from as there are no farms close enough for it to just have wandered off. It was obviously half starved and cold. We fed it leftover stuffing and corn and left a box with a couple of blankets in it for shelter. We tried to corral it into the garage but to no avail. We did leave the garage door open that night for awhile, until it seemed hopeless and we had to close it in despair. We just knew our poor, stupid chicken was going to freeze to death.

The next morning brought school runs and no chicken sightings… She seemed to have vanished- When suddenly she was there again! Deep down we knew if we didn’t catch her today she would really die. Taking on the task to save chicken form her own stupidity, the two teenage boys managed to trap her in the garage and then careful grab her with a towel and put her in the cat’s cage. Yahoo! She’d been rescued.

I was given the immense pleasure of dropping her off at the Humane Society, who said they would take her. When I first brought her in they weren’t convinced she was a chicken, but of course when she started making chicken noises it was hard to dispute. They confirmed our fears that she was horribly under fed, so the first order of business was to plump her up and make sure she didn’t have any health issues, before they put her up for adoption or more likely found a nice farm for her to live out the rest of her days.

In the following days my boss tracked down what type of chicken she was, or at least her general breed; she’s a game chicken which is why she doesn’t have a crown on her head. I don’t know I am not a chicken expert I’m just glad this one didn’t die on our watch.

Lots of love, Tally… and Chicken

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