Mary Poppins at Christmas

What does a nanny’s life look like during the Christmas season?

Glad you asked! Crazy. That’s what a nanny’s life looks like at Christmas time. Just like everyone else at Christmas time things get a bit… much. From holiday parties to Christmas school recitals to juggling your own holiday itinerary- things go from busy to really, really, really busy.

It never fails that all the kids’ recitals, parties and school events happen the same week, if not on the same day.(along with all of yours of course) It never fails that something always, always happens when trying to decorate the house for Christmas, so then you can’t decorate it for Christmas and are still decorating it a week out. And it’s also guaranteed that everyone is going to get sick right before Christmas… including you. These things are just a given.

The biggest stressor for me(and I hesitate to say that, since I actually do some what enjoy this) is Christmas wrapping. My room literally becomes Santa’s workshop and I his little helper. I can wrap about twenty gifts in an hour and half given no interruptions. It’s skill I never knew would become some important in my life.

During the holiday season your employers will probably be feeling the strain and so one of your chief jobs is to be as calm and collected as you can. The kids can easily pick on the stress around them, so as best as you can try not to get your feathers rustled. Go with the flow. The last thing you want to do is add stress upon the stress they already have. It’s actually your job to lessen their to-do list not lengthen it.

At Christmas time a nanny does a lot of ferrying back and further and becomes more like a chauffeur. A nanny listens to the endless Christmas songs sung by sweet voices as they practice for their recitals. You read the same Christmas stories over and over again until you can read them in the dark and backwards.

But most important, at Christmas time a nanny loves her kiddos and shares with them the true meaning of Christmas and how much God loved them to send His only Son, Jesus Christ to die for them. Yes there are many important things a nanny does at Christmas time, but this is the most important of all.

Merry Christmas!


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