No Place Like Home for the Holidays

I know my last few posts have been super short and sporadic. And then I had an accidental posting on Monday (still not sure how that happened) But I can say that my posts will definitely stay this way till after Christmas- Ha! As of today I am on my way for a seven day Christmas break and to say the least I am very excited. So I just wanted to take this time to say Merry Christmas to all of you, who read this and to my followers and friends. You guys are truly the best!

Tomorrow(not to spoil anything) you are getting a post on what I am wearing. And then hopefully next week you’ll finally get the two vlogs I promised you from over Thanksgiving, which are now almost finished(we had some technical issues) Then the week after that I am doing a big two part Christmas diary wrap up that I will be writing this coming week as I go. Yes I know all very confusing and out of order, but hay that’s life. Anyway have to run to a Christmas party. I will talk to ya guys tomorrow!

Lots of love,


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