Trying Stitch Fix

So for Christmas my employers gave me a gift certificate to Stitch Fix “an online clothing shop designed to provide personal styling services for women at an affordable cost”. My boss has been using Stitch Fix for probably six or seven months and has greatly enjoyed it. Thus she decided to share the joy.

I must admit there was something fun about filling out their online style survey. It was cool to put your fashion choices under the microscope and to be really honest about what you actually wear. Like yes those heels and mini skirt combo is darling, but will I actually wear it? Yeah no! There are also mini tests on their app that just show you different articles of clothing and ask whether it’s your style or not. See super fun, right?

Their subscription process is also very user friendly. You can cancel whenever and have your profile set up to send you a box every week, every month, or every three moths. Which is super cool! I’ll probadly (if I continue the service) switch it to send me something new every three months. There is a flat $20- styling fee plus whatever clothing articles you decide to keep. (Bonus they accept PayPal- That’s like my unofficial check for an online store. “You don’t take PayPal? Then I’ll be shopping somewhere else”) You have three days to decide what you like and what you don’t, then just send it back in the pre-paid mail slip. Super easy and convenient.

Also if you let them know of a special event that’s coming up they will send you clothing specifically geared toward that event. Like in two months I’m going on a girls only trip to New Orleans for my sister’s birthday. I let my Stitch Fix stylist know and am excited to see what she sends next month. (Which I will of course share with all of you)

Without further ado- What was in the BOX…

Pardon the poor quality of the photos- It was early in the morning and kind of over cast 😦

They give you a styling card to give you some ideas on how to style the different pieces they send you. Plus a receipt of how much everything costs, which I will be sharing with you so you can see how much everything cost. Bare in mind that on their website when you are setting up your profile they ask you how much you typically spend on clothes and what kind of brands and quality of clothes you prefer. Okay the first piece was…

Oh look my mirror is dirty… Shocker. Anyway this is a Market&Spruce Jillianne Button Down Top($44-) and Just USA Hanna High Rise Skinny Jeans($58-)
So obviously super cute. I didn’t end up keeping either of these items however because plaid button downs are not my jams. And though the jeans fit perfectly and were ridiculously nice and comfortable… I already had a pair similar to them and I couldn’t convince myself that I needed two.
Next was this soft, creamy Nine Britton Dalia Colorblock Brushed Knit Top($44-) This ended up being the only thing from the box I kept. I’m a sucker for sweaters and the blush color palette was totally me. But there were two more articles in the box…
A Girly Joyce Infinity Check Scarf($34-) and the equally cute Eden Society Holly Contrast Hood Cargo Jacket($78-) Making the grand total of the box after they take their 25% discount off= $193.50

I am not a scarf person so that was an easy no for me. And I have soo many jackets. So yeah it wasn’t very hard for me to send it back.

So what are my closing thoughts? I am so far enjoying it and am excited to see what they send next month. I feel like that they got my style choices pretty spot on for the first box. And while the prices are a bit more than I like to spend (not that I haven’t spent that kind of money on clothes, but I do try to shop mostly sales racks or at resale stores) remember that if you don’t want to keep any of it you don’t have to. You can send it all back! They either send a new box that month(if you want) or save it for the following scheduled date. Yeah so I think it’s a wonderful service, but it might not be a necessity for me a shop alcoholic. At the same time maybe it will curb my buying habits since I know the latest fashions are coming in the next post. That would be lovely if it wear true. I really think I could learn to love this site. I really do.

Lots of love,