Yes I’m Still Single

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It seems like only yesterday I wrote my Valentine’s Day post about being single and yet a year has past and I’m in the same boat. Though my thoughts on my single-ness haven’t really changed since then.

I mean I guess I am like everyone who is single(well maybe not everyone) I have some days where I’m lonely and just wished I had someone who really knew me and I felt comfortable enough to be myself with. Other times I am so glad I don’t have all the drama and work of relationship. Because let’s face it guys and feelings take navigating and intentional thought. I mean it’s kinda exhausting just thinking about it.

Still it could be a fun adventure… I don’t know. For now I am where God wants me to be and when He is ready to bring Prince Charming into my life, or bring me into his, this is where I’ll be. Who knows next year I might be writing about being not single and taking pictures of a guy instead of a donut. Or I might not… donuts are delicious after all. Until next time…

I love you lots,


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