Getting a Gym Membership for the 1st Time

Am I crazy?

So I have never ever had a gym membership before. Growing up my physical activity consisted of swimming and walking a lot. Like everyday for hours. I lived at the public pool and though I have never been a speedy swimmer, my talent laid in sheer endurance. When my siblings got out of the pool I would still be there swimming back and forth and back and forth again.

As far as sports went I was never interested. I played wiffle ball with my sibs and my Dad. Our team was proudly called either the Weenie Whackers or the Ragamuffins. And my sole contributions to the team was being somewhat good at stealing bases. If we played flag football(which in our family quickly turned to tackle and maim and destroy football) I was usually a linebacker or defensive end. My older brother was usually the QB, so all I had to do was rush him before he could pass and hit him as hard and as fast as I could. Or if it was a run and he tossed it to Tay I just had to run her over before she could get out and around me. I was very deadly over short distances but if Tay or Jake, both speedy, got the edge I was done for.

Anyway needless to say I have never been very physically fit or anything. And I wanted to change that…

What’s the goal?

Here’s just a very simple break down of what my game plan is:

  • Loose 10 to 15 pounds- Just a general weight loss of the extra pounds I am carrying around.
  • Endurance- I want to build up my endurance and since I hate- HATE running with a passion, swimming laps is it. My own personal goal is to swim 1700 yd. or 64 lengths(equivalent to swimming a mile) under an hour. At first and then we’ll work on wielding my time down even further.
  • Build up my muscle by weight lifting. I’m still working on a workout plan with my older brother as to what would be the best way to approach this one. So I’ll keep you updated.

Here we go!

If it’s not painfully obvious by this point I have no idea what I am doing… Yet. But I will and that’s the point! I’m super excited to start this new adventure even though I know pain will follow. But as Jake is proud of quoting…

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body.“

Do you athletic types(wink,wink) have any advice? I’m thinking of meeting with a trainer. Or there any things I should do first? Really I have no clue so I would really appreciate any help.

Lots of love,