Introverts and Social Distancing

I read a meme somewhere… I think on FB that stated something to the affect of, “You know you’re an introvert when social distancing becomes a thing and you change zero things in your life.” It’s sad, but true.

Now I am not enjoying all the worry and sickness that’s causing this social distancing, but I’d be lying if I said I was having a hard time with it. I work from home and I love spending all day at home even when I’m off. Reading, sewing, crafting, drinking coffee, writing, listening to music and drinking more coffee… To me this is as close to perfection as I can get. And if it’s a nice day- Hay I’ll take a walk! (do miss swimming at my gym)

A cross stitch kit I purchased off of Amazon. I’ve also heard that Etsy and Ebay have some cool kits for you sewing lovers out there.

Again I forget where I read this, but I believe I was reading instagram or maybe a blog… but whoever it was was trying to put a positive spin on the isolation. She asked everyone to think of those things that they’d always say, “I’d love to do that, but I just don’t have the time.” Like writing a book, finishing a home project, trying your hand at painting, learning how to do a TikTok video(more to come on this- it’s scary I’ll just say that) etc. Well guess what? You have the time now! Instead of thinking of the things you can’t do right now think of the things you can do.

Another fun crafting idea is a monthy subscription to Stampin Up for their Paper Pumpkin card making kits! Make the cards and then send them to your friends. The kit gives you everything you need to make the cards, which is really nice!

You can also play board games or start a puzzle. Try cooking everything in that cook book you bought but never use. Learn to tap dance!(if you are interested in tap dancing I’d check out Just Tap an online dance course) Or start a blog.

Also a shout out to my extroverted friends, who are having a rough time of it, you guys got this! I know it doesn’t seem that way but you really do. Start a prayer phone circle, a FaceTime group chat, or some kind of “telephone” game over texts or social media. I don’t know. But we’ll get through this.

Anyway lots of love,


What I Would Have Worn to New Orleans

With everything that is going on in the world it’s no great shock that my sister’s birthday, girls only trip to New Orleans has been canceled. Which is of course major bum city, but also wise. Since we don’t want to get sick and certainly don’t want anyone else to get sick because of us. Anyway I thought you guys still might like to see what I would have worn if we had gone. I must say it was fun for me today to mess around taking pictures and gave me the excuse to put on makeup and actually get dressed as opposed to sweats&pj’s. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Outfit #4

There you have it! I think you can tell I had fun “modeling” for this post. (Lol) So which look was your favorite? I’d love to know! Leave it down in the comments below.

Lots of love,


People of the Trees Prt. 2

So I started releasing an old story of mine… a year ago… I think… ??? (Here’s the first two chapters) Anyway I thought since we’re all kinda slowing down and stuck in place you guys might enjoy a brief distraction. (Please judge this sampling with some grace as I wrote this when I fifteen) Anyhoo enjoy!

Chapter Three

Tarek grew warmer as he lay next to Garb. This either meant that you feel warmer just before you die, or that the flames were getting closer. Looking down at his bloody chest, Tarek realized it didn’t really matter at this point. His beaten and torn body ached with every heaving breath. He thought death was supposed to be peaceful but it wasn’t. It was painful and loud. In the distance he still heard the rage of battle. The cries of pain, grief and death. Death. An all consuming void. He was entangled it, being dragged to the grave by it. As a warrior death had been a constant advisory; a challenge to beat, but now it was all so clear that death had only been toying with him. It could claim him whenever it wanted. There was no escaping it.
Curious his world was moving now. Trees passing in a blur. It took him a moment to realize he was being dragged away from death. From Garb and into the recesses of a cave’s mouth.

“No,” he whispered and tried to claw his way back. He had no strength and the force which held him was unyielding.
“No,” Tarek said again, louder this time, “he’s my brother.”“You can’t help him now. He’s gone,” the voice was firm but soft.In the silence that followed, Tarek watched as his friend’s body was consumed by fire. A right normally reserved for chiefs or warriors of high honor.
“You died with honor,” Tarek whispered, “be at peace.” 
A heart breaking wail filled the cave and Tarek only barely realized it was his own voice crying out, when darkness replaced the image of flame and fire as oblivion took a firm hold. 
He began to stir hours later. First feeling cold, then hot, then cold again. And wet. His eyes fluttered open, once twice before he was able to keep them open. The cave’s dark ceiling was above him, illuminated by the silver light of the moon. At first his thoughts were a jumble, one running upon another. But it was inevitable for his mind to put back into terrifying order what had happened to him and Garb sank in. Tarek sat up quickly and yet was instantly knocked down by a wave of dizziness and a sharp pain from the very core of his body.

“Try not move. Your wounds are very severe,” a voice said in the darkness.

Tarek stilled, “Who’s there?” his weak voice croaked and as his dry lips cracked.

The voice didn’t answer at first, “Who are you?” she finally replied.
SHE! His rescuer was female?!? What was this? Foul women did not fight and the Cruz wives were back defending the village. Who was this?

“Do you fear me so much you hide in the shadows?” Tarek challenged but each word was a struggle.

“I am not hiding,” came a stunned answer, “Can your people not see in the dark?”

“See in the dark! What kind of trick is this?” Tarek cried, his temper rising and adrenaline starting to pump. If she was close enough he might be able to defeat her.

“This is no trick-“

“Then answer me! Who are you?”

“I… I come from the caves,” her answer was tentative.

“A Cave Dweller?” Tarek laughed, “Do you take me for a fool!” he sat up, ignoring his pain.

“Please lie back down-“

“Shut-up Foul! I will not be lied to or mocked-” Tarek stopped short as the girl emerged. 

The moon caught the colorlessness of her hair making it glow like the palest of stars. To a dark Cruz the whitish purple of the Cave Dweller could have not been more stunning or contrary to himself. She was so small she was almost childlike and she had no eyelashes or eyebrows. Her skin, even in the dark light, was almost transparent so you could see her veins. She barely looked human with those large pale blue eyes.

“I tell you no lie Surface Dweller,” she said slowly as she pushed him back down.

“How is this possible?” Tarek’s voice was hollow and distant, any thought of fighting gone.

“I will explain, but you are still weak. Sleep awhile.”

“Sleep,” his voice was almost mocking, “I can’t sleep, my people will be looking for me. How long has it been…” 

Suddenly a wave of nausea rushed through him. Rolling over to his side, Tarek ratcheted up anything that was left in his system and began to cry and bleed all over again. The Cave Dweller injected a small needle into his arm and rolled him back over as he slipped into sleep. She carefully and skillfully rebadged his wounds. She had so many questions about this world she had never seen and yet she knew she would get all the answers she could possibly want. She had all the time in the world.

The next several days passed with Tarek waking for short, inconsistent periods. If he woke at night he would find the Cave Dweller sitting just outside the cave. Yet it was stranger still to wake during the days, when the girl draped a thick cloth over the entrance and shied away from any form of light. 

“What is wrong with you?” he roared as black circles danced before his eyes.

He heard a muffled sob and watched as the girl quickly reached for the water jug. Gasping in pain, she poured the cool liquid over a giant welt that had formed on her hand. She shook with the pain and gingerly rapped her hand in a clean bandage from her bag. She looked up at Tarek in defense and suspicion.

“I’ve never seen the… Big light in the sky before,” she spoke at long last still tense as if waiting for him to prey on her weakness.

“The sun?” his eyebrows shot up.

“Is that what you call it?” he nodded, “I was born in complete darkness. Your light is only heat and blindness,” she said as if accusing him.

“I find it healing and delightful,” he cooly replied, “In fact I think I would heal faster if I was in the light and not in this damp cave.”

A look of horror like nothing he had ever seen crossed her face. Her wild, blue eyes instantly darted to the curtain as if it would fall at his very words.

“It will have to come down eventually my little friend,” she looked back at him, “I cannot stay in here forever. How long have we been here anyway?”

“Four days- But you can’t leave now! You can barely stay awake for more than a few minutes.”

Tarek smiled, “Do not worry. By the time I am well enough to leave this place you will have retreated back into your beloved darkness.”

“You don’t observe your surroundings very well, do you? This cave is only big enough to hold us. There is no darkness to retreat into.”

Tarek’s head snapped around to see that she was right. Reaching out his left hand he touched the very back wall with his fingertips. This wasn’t right… How did she get here?

“How did you come here if this is so small a cave? Surely you have not dwelt…”

The Cave Dweller read him like a book, “What’s wrong?”

Tarek glared, “How did you come here?” his voice was deadly even.

The girl shifted uncomfortably, her eyes straying from his, “This is a form of punishment practiced by my People.”

Her straightforward answer clearly wasn’t what he expected, “You’re a criminal?”

“You do not know my People, so you cannot understand my exile.”

Tarek didn’t care for this reply. Crossing his arms with some pain, his intrusive stare speared her, “Then help me understand.”

It was not a request, it was a demand. She could play this game too, “I will answer one of your questions, if you will answer one of mine.”

Tarek held back the impulse to grin and instead tried to sound disinterested, “If it cannot be helped.”

The Cave Dweller grinned,  “I shall go first. What are those tall things that burned?”

“Trees?” Tarek’s brows rose again.

“The tall things? That touch the sky?”

“Yeah those are trees.”

“What are trees?”

Tarek huffed. This girl knew nothing. He could tell her anything and she would believe it!

“The trees are plants- You know what plants are, right?”

“Oh, yes. But plants are normally small and weak.”

“Well on the surface we have giant plants. In fact the trees belong to my people. We climb them. We live in them.”

“Your people?”

“No, it’s my turn to ask a question. Let’s start with an easy one: your people, who exiled you, what are they called?”

Now the girl looked at him like he was the clueless one, “The People,” she answered.

“That’s it?”

“Yes. What are your people called?”

“The Free People of the Cruz,” he said with pride.

“That’s very a strange name,” she said with a smirk.

“It is better than most,” his sarcasm was clear, “So your ‘People’ live in caves?” she nodded, “In complete darkness? Why? Haven’t they ever heard of fire? Or why don’t they just come back to the surface?”

“My People believe only death resides above, which judging by what I have seen isn’t untrue. Though our darkness is not like yours. I can see through your darkest shadow. To me it is a bright as flame,” she smiled, “Now, how many Cruz are there? Are you the only people up here?”

“No,” Tarek yawned, “There three tribes, but us Cruz mainly deal with the Foul.”

“The Foul, these were the people you were fighting?”

“It’s my turn,” Tarek’s eyelids started to droop, “What’s your name?”

The Cave Dweller started and then smiled again, “Serene.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, that’s it. What’s your name?”

“Tarek son of Warn, of the house of Drain. Son of the Free People of Cruz, but you may call me Tarek.”

“Tarek,” she tested the word on her tongue, “Very strange,” she whispered as the boy fell back asleep.

Chapter Four

Serene occupied herself while Tarek slept by exploring the surface as much as she could during the night. She could never go too far from the cave in case Tarek needed her or the sun started to rise. And everything she discovered only created new questions for Tarek to answer. The moon fascinated her the most. It was so bright and the stars were so wonderful. They reminded her of the glow worms that inhabited her People’s
main cavern. It’s low laying ceiling was simply covered in six inch glow worms. And they all glowed a different color. If the worms were frightened they would swarm and melt the skin off the aggressor. Their slime could metal through even the thickest metal or stone. Just like everything else in the Deep, they were dangerous. Her family should have remembered that. Three years ago she had been chosen. Her father had said that of the entire family she was the bravest. That she would be the one to protect them, when the time came. Does he still believe that?

On one of these nights of quiet reflection the present was brought back to the fore front of her mind. She was sitting upon a flat stone just a short ways from the cave, when she heard heavy foot falls behind her. Turning sharply, she peered into the darkness and saw as clear as day, three massive men walking through the forest. It was as if they were looking for something. Her pulse quickened as she realized they were nearing the cave. Without thinking much about her own safety, Serene let out a long sharp, scream before darting into the trees. Needless to say the men chased after her and were about to catch her, when she suddenly stopped disappearing into the shadows. Though her pursues slowed down they didn’t stop. They kept chasing a phantom deeper into the woods.

After Serene was sure the danger had past, she tried her best to double back in a silent, graceful fashion. But her efforts were wasted, Tarek had heard her long before she was even near him. As she entered the cave, he kicked out her legs from underneath her and pinned her to the ground, a sharpe stone pressed against her throat.

“What were you doing? Leading your Foul comrades here?” he hissed.

“Get off me,” Serene said calmly, too calmly.

Tarek only pressed the rock harder against her skin, “Answer me! Are you working with the Foul?”

“I know nothing of the Foul, remember?”

“Then why did you scream?”

“Three men were nearing the cave. I screamed to save you. I was afraid they might find you.”

Tarek’s grip weakened as doubt flickered through his eyes, “What kind of men?”

“Get off of me and I will tell you,” she commanded. Tarek hesitated, but eventually obeyed. As Serene sat up, her back and neck screamed from the pain of being slammed to the floor. Still it could have been worse… He could have just killed her. Maybe he was more healed than she had thought.

“The three men were big,” she began, backing up to the cave’s damp wall, “and they were fast. They wore loose woven tunics and didn’t carry any weapons. They seemed to be searching for something.”

“Foul,” the word was bitter in Tarek’s mouth, “And you say they were nearing the cave?”

“Actually they were on top of it. So when I screamed to draw their attention I saved your life… again.”

“And you woke me up,” he stated simply.

“Pardon me?” Serene glared.

“We have to get out of here, before the Foul find us. How many days have we been hiding?”

“Seven. Why? Who are the Foul?” she asked seemingly unconcerned.

Tarek huffed, “I have neither the time nor the inclination to answer all your questions Cave Dweller.”

“The Foul are the other tribe that your people are fighting against. But why?”

“Because they invaded our land. Our forest.”


“The trees! They invaded our home, so we had to fight them off,” Tarek tried to keep his temper from boiling over, but every moment they tarried made their lives more dangerous.

“But why would the Foul invade?”

“I will answer all of your questions later when we are far from here,” Tarek answered as he used the wall to stand. He grunted at the terrible pain, but refused to collapse again. He’d wasted enough time here.

“You are still too weak-“

“Enough woman,” he warned through clenched teeth, “Run out and find me something I can use to steady myself.”

“This is ridiculous-“

“Be quick!” Tarek roared.

Serene ducked out into the quite night and after making sure there was no one around, she creeped a crossed to the creek. She quickly passed the charred remains of Tarek’s brother and then stooped over the half brunt, decaying Foul brute. Reaching down, she yanked free the spear from his abdomen and even though the spear head was missing, she knew it would make a perfect staff. Rushing back into the cave, she presented the prize to Tarek. A sick look crossed his face as he instantly recognized it, but he took it anyway. After all he needed it.

“Now we must do something about you,” he said, looking her top from bottom.

Serene looked down at herself. She was clothed plainly in the garb of her People: black boots and pants with a tunic that offered her arms no protection.

She saw his point, but was still shocked, “You plan to travel in the day?”

“I plan to make the best time we possibly can,” he replied. He looked about them at their supplies, which were none and finally huffed. He slipped off his own shirt, revealing a tightly woven banged underneath and then he slipped his gigantic garment over her tiny frame. It covered everything.

“Well it certainly smells,” Serene said, wrinkling her nose.

“I’ll just go out wash it, shall I?,” he replied as he tightened the collar and cuffs, so they wouldn’t slip and expose her skin to the sun, “Keep your hood up and,” he ripped a strip of cloth off the bottom of the shirt, “tie this around your face.”

“Brilliant. What about my hands?” she asked, holding up her white digits.

“Keep them in your pockets.”

“Okay,” she said sarcastically, “And my blindness?”

“Simple,” he grabbed one of her arms, “I’m going to lead you… But first give me your hands,” he solemnly held out both of his.

Serene looked down at them curiously, but finally slipped her tiny hands into his giant ones, which quickly closed around them, engulfing them. Next Tarek kissed each palm and recited some strange ritual, “Serene of the People twice you have saved my life and now I owe you a debt, which I can never repay. But here, as the trees and the stars as my witness, I swear Libia Sora to you, who has the highest courage.”

Serene stood in shocked silence. Never had she seen such seriousness in a man’s face and the fact that she had no idea what had just happened between her and the Surface Dweller wasn’t helping anything. One thing she knew; she wouldn’t have to worry about Tarek anymore.

To seal the promise, Tarek kissed each hand again, before dropping them and grabbing up her satchel, “Let’s move.”

Lots of love,


What to do with the Kids?

Well we’re stuck inside, or at least within the confides of our lawns. For the most part. I mean if the weather is nice enough you can still go on walks, until they tell us the virus is spread by air… Perish the thought. If you’re like most people than you have been informed that your kids schools will be closed for 2 to 3 weeks. And that that might get extended. It makes sense, after all I don’t know about you guys but the little ones are always the ones who first bring in any sickness(colds, stomach bugs, etc.) It does however leave you with the task of finding things to occupy your kids besides the TV. Below are just a few of my fav indoor activities!

Go on adventure!

We went on a desert adventure and had a blast doing it! We actually did this last year and the kids still talk about that time we went and pitched our tents next to the watering hole. We ate desert food(nuts, dried fruit, cheese and peta beard) and had our wine(grape juice and water) We dressed in costumes sat on cushions. It was a blast. So pick a location and make some memories!

Crafts everywhere!

I mean seriously! Break out the glue sticks, markers and create magic. We were making llamas and then since it’s St. Pat’s we made some pots o’ gold. Make a different craft everyday if you want. Anything to pass the time.


Just something else we’ve done since it’s fun and eats away at the time is baking cupcakes. It helps my anxiety!

Ah cream cheese icing… yummy!

Lots of love,


The Coronavirus: The Month the World Ended

Something tell the great grandkids…

Let me first say I am not a medical expert, or some survival guru. At this point the Covid-19 emergency has pretty much touched everyone’s lives. (Unless you are a survival guru, who lives out in the middle of no where and has been planning /preparing for this kinda of event for years… Yes, you were right- Congratulations!) Events, trips, schools, jobs, etc. have been canceled, have been indefinitely postponed, have been interrupted. Plus those of you who have gotten sick… I can’t imagine…

This whole thing has scared people stiff. If not from the virus itself, than from the panic of the panic. On Thursday morning my sister and I went out to do our normal grocery shopping and the panicking was just hitting the fan. We were able to snag some of the most coveted butt paper(which frankly doesn’t make sense to me. I mean you would think buying food would be a bigger concern than t.p. Think about it. If you ran out of t.p. what would you do? Jump in your fully functional shower and wash off… What happens if you run out of food? See my point?) But the charged air, the way people looked around with wild eyes and frantic faces- That was the scary part. Thankfully when I ventured out with a friend on Friday to do some more stock pilling(which again is a bit dumb in my opinion) people were less crazed. They were smiling, saying “excuse me” and nervously laughing about the end of the world. Cause it still is scary, it still is out of the norm and could potentially get worse before it gets better.

All this being said I really watched the kids on Friday. Schools were just about to close, after school events had already been canceled for the foreseeable future and little, inquiring minds were wondering why. But what to tell them? How to explain it to them and not scare them silly? Honestly honest is best. They’re not stupid, they can tell something is going on and trying to hide it from them is only going to add to their confusion and fear. This honesty of what is happening should be followed up with more truth, more honesty. Namely that God is sovereign and even in an increasingly scary world He is not scared. This hasn’t shaken Him, or surprised Him. And as His children He has told us not to be afraid. Not to worry about what we’ll eat, or wear. That He will take care of all of this. Below is a post I shared on FB Thursday amidst the crazy:

I observed that it was the teenagers and older kids, who were the most afraid. Probably because they can grasp the full wait if things were to turn south. They may act tough and like they’re unconcerned but they’re still kids. Just keep that in mind.

Anyway these are just some of the thoughts that have been tumbling through my mind as all of this is developing. Until next time…

Lots of love,


Nannying When Parents on Vacation

Man it is has been an age since I did a “nanny”’ themed post! I mean it is the whole premise behind my blog- Geez! Oh well better late than never.

In this post I wanted to give a crash course to my fellow nannies, you aspiring nannies and those of you who are just curious how being a nanny works. For those of you just joining me on my crazy and amazing adventure as an unofficial Mary Poppins– Welcome! I highly recommend you go back and read some of my other posts on nannyhood here, here and here. But if you don’t have time for that I will give you a very quick recap of where we are at.

So I have been a professional, live-in nanny for two years. I work for a private family and help take care of their six children. Yes, you read that right. I use the words professional to differentiate myself from fellow caretakers, who are only doing this through their college years(I highly recommend this line of work for anyone who is trying to make it through college) or until they can get their dream job. This is my dream job. My chosen career field. I am not just doing this to bid time to do something else. Unless I get married(which ain’t happening anytime soon) or the Lord comes back, I will be doing this. (If the Lord wills too, obliviously)

Also I am a live-in which is another thing that sets me apart from other caretakers. It is exactly what it sounds like. I live with the family I work for(at this point you should really go back and read my other posts which cover these points in detail… I’m just saying) I travel with them when they go on vacation, I’ve spent holidays with them, etc.

Which catches us up to spend on what happens when it is a parents only trip. I thought it would be a good idea to share this since it is something I have done on multiple occasions. I mean parents every once and a while want some alone time and want to go places children won’t enjoy. And definitely wouldn’t be enjoyable for anyone else if they did. So what does this look like? What does my life/schedule look like when the parents are gone?

More Hours…

I mean this is a no brainer. Obviously with the parents gone I am expected to be in the house every night at a specific time so the live out nanny(which I have covered why they have a secondary nanny here) can stop working. Also weekends(which yes I work every weekend) become like a 24-hours of working. I mean yeah, so my schedule gets added on to. It’s kinda of like when I go on vacation with them. I work a lot.

Security Mode…

So I am a very cautious, overly suspicious person by upbringing. I lock doors, my car… My everything! I mean my Dad has worked in the personal protection business for over three decades, so it’s kind of in grained in my subconscious. That being said when I am responsible for six kids I take that seriously. I am fully aware that if the absolute worst happens I am that last line of defense. That is something you need to consider if you are thinking of pursuing this kind of career. There may be times where you have to fill that role of protector. Just use common sense and pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Lots of Driving…

I already do a lot of driving. School runs, after school runs- Ya get it. Add to that weekend activities and church, you get the picture of what my life will look like… Lots of driving.

Okay class any questions? As always if you have any questions about nannyhood, or how to get into this career field, or just help now that you are in it- Please do not hesitate to leave a comment, or DM me on any of my social media accounts. You can send me an email I just might take longer to reply. Until next time my lovelies!

Lots of love,


What’s in My Book Bag?

I think a better question is what isn’t in my book bag. Over the course of last summer I took to carrying a book bag instead of trying to stuff everything into my purse. And at first that’s all I’d carry around. But summer turned to fall and I found in addition to these items I had like five billion other things to carry around. I tried leaving some of it at home, but of course that’s when I needed it. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. My solution? Carry around three separate bags! Yep I have become a bag lady… If I don’t leave the house with three bags you know something is up. Or that I won’t be gone for long. I am going to do three separate posts on my bags and the first one is my book bag!

The Bag…

First things first I will introduce you to my canvas bag. For those of you who know me I am sure you will be shocked to find out it is Kate Spade. I know… Shocking. I got this maybe over a year ago and am still digging it. Now let’s start unloading it shall we.

What’s in the Bag?

  • Book(books)So at the time of writing this I am between books. Normally I have 3 to 4 books going at one time. Im waiting for two new books to come in the mail. I have really taken my goal of reading nonfiction by the horns… I think now I have a problem. I want to read about everything!
  • Daily Planner- My daily planner(as my faithful followers- love you guys- know) is more like a journal than a planner. I normally fill out after the month has passed as a way to remember what I had done as opposed to what I am going to do.
  • Pencil Bag- Can’t doodle in my journal without my markers and pens. And yes of course I have a Kate Spade pencil case. I mean how could I not?
  • iPad- iPad, laptop… Whatever you’d like to call it. This is my most loved item in the bag(if I had to choose) My instrument of prose and silliness. Just think, without my iPad you guys wouldn’t get to read my weird rambles! Aren’t you lucky?
  • Journal/Prayer Journal- Not featured in this picture, but I also normally carry around my prayer journal and my regular journal, so I can write down my thoughts which tend run rampant if unchecked by the pen.

Whew! One bag down for the count. Stay tuned for the rest of the month for posts on my other bags. How about you? Are you a fellow crazy bag lady? Do you carry your whole house around with you too? I’d love to know that I am not the only one. Don’t forget to sign up for email notifications and follow my social media accounts.

Lots of love,


Major Closet Clean Out

Ah spring! I feel you coming and recognize your windy presence with a full heart. What is it about this time of year that makes you want to run and smile and throw all your possessions away? Maybe it’s the idea of new beginnings and throwing off the chains of the old. Maybe it’s because you have spent months trapped in your house looking at your things and now can’t stand the sight of them. Who knows! But normally around this time and sometime in the fall I do a major clean out of my closet. I have done this since junior high. How do I collect so much stuff?

This doesn’t mean that I get rid of a bunch crap both times, but at least it gets reorganized and I feel less suffocated by it. This time however I did end up doing a major clean out. I had collected pieces of clothing and random stuff that I neither liked, or didn’t fit at all(and hadn’t for many years and were never going to fit) I was tired of having it cluttering my space. I was tired of holding on to things I was supposed to like, but really didn’t. I was tired of holding on to things that were cute, but not my personal style. Nor likely to be worn by me, but might be enjoyed by someone else.

In the end I got rid of whole big, black trash bag of stuff! Donating it at Good Will and saying good by to the extra baggage. How about you? Do you do a Spring Cleaning? When is the last time you felt suffocated by the stuff we are told we need?

Lots of love,


Book Review: Lift Like A Girl

Every once and a while a book is so good I think it deserves a whole post! I mentioned this book on last month’s media Favs and it will be listed on this month’s as well. It’s that good.

If you read my gym post last month than you know I have decided to finally give the whole gym scene a try. (How nice of me, I know) I was tired of lazing around the house, binging shows and feeling tired pretty much all the time. I knew it was unhealthy and I wanted something to do. Since, once upon a time I loved swimming, I thought this would be a great way to ease myself into the workout/gym stuff. It was somewhat intimidating since I’d never joined a gym before. And let’s face it doing something new and unfamiliar is always a bit scary. Mostly because we think we’ll mess something up and look like a fool. But like a friend of mine once said,

“It’s a gym… No one will be looking at you, they’re too busy looking at themselves.”

Going into this active lifestyle thing I knew I could go a bit crazy. Being such a goal oriented person I could either set impossible goals for myself and eventually have to throw in the towel. Or set the wrong kind of goals and never get anywhere. I did have some grand goals, but no idea how to attain them.

Now what I am about to say might sound shocking… But I actually like the way I look and how much I weigh. Can a woman in this world even say that? But I do. Not all the time mind you. I am human and so I do that slump into sadness where I hate everything about me and feel like a hippopotamus. However on the whole I like me. So joining a gym was not necessarily about losing weight, maybe just a few extra pounds that I know I carry around. Mainly I wanted to replace my fat with muscle. I wanted to see what my body could do, because mainly I was tired of believing my body couldn’t do anything athletic.

So I wanted to gain muscle and endurance(especially cardio- my heart rate is naturally high so I kind of what to get more of a hold on it now while I am young) And if I loose a few pounds- YAY!! That’s when this book caught my eye. It was exactly what I was looking for! Nia’s “be more not less” mentality was what had been tumbling around in my head I just didn’t know how to verbalize it. She’s against crazy dieting, but all about eating in moderation. Her workout program is easy to understand and great for those of us who are just getting into the whole strength training thing. Or for those of us who have tried everything else: dieting, running, spending hours at the gym and are still not getting anywhere.

I think what I like most about her book is even though she is a personal trainer and “an athletic person” she was open about her own eating disorder and her struggles with her body imagine. So when she does her hype on “you can do it!” as a personal trainer will do, you don’t feel like she’s just saying that. Her excitement for her field comes through in her writing and it gets you excited too. I don’t want to give too much away, so you can read the book for yourself but it is sooo good!

Anyway as of writing this I start the program tomorrow. And am part super excited and part super nervous.

As a side note this program is not one that I do for a few months and then I’m done. I graduated. No her strategy is to setup good habits that stay with you for life. This isn’t a one and done(and she covers why in the book) Also I won’t be posting updates on my progress since I tend to want people to like me(I am such a people pleasure) and I want this to be something I do because I want to do it. Because I like it.

So in closing I give this book 10 out 10 stars and highly recommend it to those of you who want to get into, or back into the fitness world.

Lots of love,


Stitch Fix: March 2020 Unboxing

It’s already time for another Stitch Fix Unboxing? Dang time is flying! It is remarkable how as a child, time just used to creep by and all you wanted it to do was rush past all the boring school days and be summer already! I know a lot of you hate winter, but I don’t. I actually love the cool days and snowy nights and I think God’s color palette this time of year is spectacular.

But I think what I really want, is for time in general just to slow down a little bit. Or maybe just for me to slow down. What am I rushing for anyway? Why can’t we just enjoy what’s going today? Right now. Why does life have to be perfectly figured out this exact second? I mean I am as guilty of this as anyone. “Only if only I was older and wiser…” “Only if this would happen.” “Or this.” Nah thank you. I like being young and somewhat aimless right now. (Somewhat I mean I am working my dream job #nannyproud)

Sorry for the rant but hay it’s honestly what I was thinking about. Anyway getting to the post…

What was in the box?

Yes I want to be young and accept that my mirror is still filthy… And will always be filthy! #filthymirrorproud

The first thing in the box were these Studio Blue Sophia Utility Pocket Pants in olive($58) My stylist wanted to attempt to break my addiction with denim. These were super cute and fit perfectly but were not me so I returned them.

Next up was the above and below Brina&Em River Ruffle Sleeve Tie Front Blouse in burnt orange($38) I loved this top but I had just literally- like three days before- purchased something similar… So yeah this was a return as well.


…was this Sophie Rue Demeter Cardigan in light grey($48) Was not a fan of this at all. I have a grey cardigan but it is over sized and it is literally one of favorite pieces of clothing. This was an easy no for me. Moving on.

This is a Madwell(I love shopping from Madwell) Tara Single Pocket Pullover in red($68) I really liked this sweater… But I didn’t love it, ya know? Yeah so that was another no for me. If you remember last month’s box I kept every item except one. And now this box is so far a resounding no. But wait! There’s one thing left in the box…

Yeah I didn’t keep this either. Don’t hate me! If you all remember in my first every stitch fix I received something similar and kept it. Oh this is a Pink Clover Ameya Blush Knit Top($38) by the by.

So I didn’t keep a single thing from this box, but I’m not too bummed about it. I had a feeling even before this box arrived it was going to be a dud. Maybe because last month’s was so amazing. Maybe because it’s March and it is kind of hard to style this month. Who knows! I can’t wait for next month though. The grand total of this box was $250 for those you who are bad at math(like me) Until next time!

Lots of love,