The Coronavirus: The Month the World Ended

Something tell the great grandkids…

Let me first say I am not a medical expert, or some survival guru. At this point the Covid-19 emergency has pretty much touched everyone’s lives. (Unless you are a survival guru, who lives out in the middle of no where and has been planning /preparing for this kinda of event for years… Yes, you were right- Congratulations!) Events, trips, schools, jobs, etc. have been canceled, have been indefinitely postponed, have been interrupted. Plus those of you who have gotten sick… I can’t imagine…

This whole thing has scared people stiff. If not from the virus itself, than from the panic of the panic. On Thursday morning my sister and I went out to do our normal grocery shopping and the panicking was just hitting the fan. We were able to snag some of the most coveted butt paper(which frankly doesn’t make sense to me. I mean you would think buying food would be a bigger concern than t.p. Think about it. If you ran out of t.p. what would you do? Jump in your fully functional shower and wash off… What happens if you run out of food? See my point?) But the charged air, the way people looked around with wild eyes and frantic faces- That was the scary part. Thankfully when I ventured out with a friend on Friday to do some more stock pilling(which again is a bit dumb in my opinion) people were less crazed. They were smiling, saying “excuse me” and nervously laughing about the end of the world. Cause it still is scary, it still is out of the norm and could potentially get worse before it gets better.

All this being said I really watched the kids on Friday. Schools were just about to close, after school events had already been canceled for the foreseeable future and little, inquiring minds were wondering why. But what to tell them? How to explain it to them and not scare them silly? Honestly honest is best. They’re not stupid, they can tell something is going on and trying to hide it from them is only going to add to their confusion and fear. This honesty of what is happening should be followed up with more truth, more honesty. Namely that God is sovereign and even in an increasingly scary world He is not scared. This hasn’t shaken Him, or surprised Him. And as His children He has told us not to be afraid. Not to worry about what we’ll eat, or wear. That He will take care of all of this. Below is a post I shared on FB Thursday amidst the crazy:

I observed that it was the teenagers and older kids, who were the most afraid. Probably because they can grasp the full wait if things were to turn south. They may act tough and like they’re unconcerned but they’re still kids. Just keep that in mind.

Anyway these are just some of the thoughts that have been tumbling through my mind as all of this is developing. Until next time…

Lots of love,


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