What to do with the Kids?

Well we’re stuck inside, or at least within the confides of our lawns. For the most part. I mean if the weather is nice enough you can still go on walks, until they tell us the virus is spread by air… Perish the thought. If you’re like most people than you have been informed that your kids schools will be closed for 2 to 3 weeks. And that that might get extended. It makes sense, after all I don’t know about you guys but the little ones are always the ones who first bring in any sickness(colds, stomach bugs, etc.) It does however leave you with the task of finding things to occupy your kids besides the TV. Below are just a few of my fav indoor activities!

Go on adventure!

We went on a desert adventure and had a blast doing it! We actually did this last year and the kids still talk about that time we went and pitched our tents next to the watering hole. We ate desert food(nuts, dried fruit, cheese and peta beard) and had our wine(grape juice and water) We dressed in costumes sat on cushions. It was a blast. So pick a location and make some memories!

Crafts everywhere!

I mean seriously! Break out the glue sticks, markers and create magic. We were making llamas and then since it’s St. Pat’s we made some pots o’ gold. Make a different craft everyday if you want. Anything to pass the time.


Just something else we’ve done since it’s fun and eats away at the time is baking cupcakes. It helps my anxiety!

Ah cream cheese icing… yummy!

Lots of love,


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