Introverts and Social Distancing

I read a meme somewhere… I think on FB that stated something to the affect of, “You know you’re an introvert when social distancing becomes a thing and you change zero things in your life.” It’s sad, but true.

Now I am not enjoying all the worry and sickness that’s causing this social distancing, but I’d be lying if I said I was having a hard time with it. I work from home and I love spending all day at home even when I’m off. Reading, sewing, crafting, drinking coffee, writing, listening to music and drinking more coffee… To me this is as close to perfection as I can get. And if it’s a nice day- Hay I’ll take a walk! (do miss swimming at my gym)

A cross stitch kit I purchased off of Amazon. I’ve also heard that Etsy and Ebay have some cool kits for you sewing lovers out there.

Again I forget where I read this, but I believe I was reading instagram or maybe a blog… but whoever it was was trying to put a positive spin on the isolation. She asked everyone to think of those things that they’d always say, “I’d love to do that, but I just don’t have the time.” Like writing a book, finishing a home project, trying your hand at painting, learning how to do a TikTok video(more to come on this- it’s scary I’ll just say that) etc. Well guess what? You have the time now! Instead of thinking of the things you can’t do right now think of the things you can do.

Another fun crafting idea is a monthy subscription to Stampin Up for their Paper Pumpkin card making kits! Make the cards and then send them to your friends. The kit gives you everything you need to make the cards, which is really nice!

You can also play board games or start a puzzle. Try cooking everything in that cook book you bought but never use. Learn to tap dance!(if you are interested in tap dancing I’d check out Just Tap an online dance course) Or start a blog.

Also a shout out to my extroverted friends, who are having a rough time of it, you guys got this! I know it doesn’t seem that way but you really do. Start a prayer phone circle, a FaceTime group chat, or some kind of “telephone” game over texts or social media. I don’t know. But we’ll get through this.

Anyway lots of love,


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