If My Life Was a Playlist

So I thought of this idea the other day and thought it could be a fun post. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to condense my life into a playlist. Probably should have seen that coming, but whatever. Anyway I set strict parameters for myself, so I didn’t over think this assignment. I broke my life up into four sections: baby, child, teenager and adult. Then allowed myself to pick four songs for each section. Maybe I will add to each list later on but for right now this is what I came up with(the full playlist will be at the end of the post if you want to listen to it):


  • Precious and Few by Climax– this is my Dad and I’s song. He has told me numerous times that I was not a great nap taker as a baby and that the only way he could get me to fall asleep at all was by singing this song to me.
  • Jesus Loves Me- my Mom would sing this song and Jesus Loves the Little Children(substituting my name for “children”). There are so many videos of me singing this song! If there is even the remotest chance of me singing a song on tape(which being totally honest even as I child I was always singing) I will be singing this one.
  • I’m a Believer by Smash Mouth- I know strange pick, but let me give you a little back story. We watched a lot of movies growing up: Disney, Dreamworks, etc. And we knew all the songs to all the movies but none like the songs from Shrek. My sister and I(and my older siblings too) could do the whole end credit performance form Shrek complete with the choreography. We were known to randomly belt out “she’s got a big butt” in the supermarket.
  • Veggietales Theme Song- like the afore mentioned song we also knew every Veggietales song. We had the Christmas tape and various other tapes of their songs. My brother and I performed a pretty entertaining duet of “sport utility vehicle”. We drove our poor parents insane!


  • Indian Reservation by Paul Revere& The Raiders- the next four songs all play a very important part of my childhood. They remind me of a summer, when my brother, younger sister and I lived outside in our family’s garage. My Dad would blast the old records from his teenage years and we would ride my Mom’s swivel chair up and down our inclined driveway. I actually have a whole playlist on my phone called “the summer of 2004” with these songs listed and the numerous others I didn’t have the space to include. It’s so cool how a song can instantly transport you back in time.
  • Never Been to Spain by Three Dog Night
  • More Than a Feeling by Boston
  • Livin’ On a Prayer by Bob Jovi


  • The Phantom of the Opera- so if my Dad taught me 70’s rock’n roll my Mom taught me show tunes and musicals. Fiddler on the Roof, the Sound of Music; but her favorite and the one we blasted in the car on the way to the store was the Phantom of the Opera! We listened to it so much the CD broke and we had to get another one. When I was a teenager and started making my own money I bought other musicals: Les Miserables, Secret Garden, Anastasia, etc. And I love musicals to this day.
  • I’m a Believer by December Radio- if I could have just one song that incapsulates me this would be it.
  • Thankful by Caedmon’s Call- or this one.
  • Strong Tower by Kutless- I mentioned this one in a post two weeks ago(here). It takes me back to my freshman year of high school(as mentioned in the above linked post) and reminds me just how great and faithful God is.


(Just a precursor- this section is still evolving. I don’t know which songs will stay with me for years and which are just here for a time. So my list might change rapidly but I picked songs that I felt showed where I am now)

  • First Burn- it’s song covered from a musical. And it’s beautiful.
  • Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON– is it wrong to want to play this song at my wedding(ya know if I ever get married)? This is one of the handful of songs on my “I-will-dance-in-public-and-freak-everyone-out playlist”(which doesn’t actually exist anywhere but in my head) This song just makes me want to smile.
  • Believer by Imagine Dragons- I am a big Imagine Dragons fan, while kind of. There are some of their songs of which I am not a fan. They are however on my short list of artists I would like to see in concert.
  • Vienna by Billy Joel- so I picked this one, cause I felt like it describes where I am right now and how I view my life… In a way.

Anyway I hope you guys found this interesting. I’m curious what would be on your “life playlist”? What songs take you back? And let me know if you would be interested in me doing another post like this. Until next time!

Lots of love,