Where Did Ya Go?

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry for my prolonged absence from the blogging scene. I got a little unmotivated and decided it would be totally okay to take a week or so off just to regroup. I am totally doing fine and I hope you all are too. I plan to get back on track with my regularly scheduled randomness next week and then go from there.

Speaking of randomness I thought if you guys would be interested in a like a questioner style post where ya’ll ask me questions and I answer them… I don’t know. But if you have been dying to ask me any nanny related questions(or questions about anything really) maybe you could leave them in the comments below and I could answer some of them.

In the meantime please go back over my old posts(there are a lot of them) and I will see you next week bright and bushy tailed!

Lots of love,