What I Have Been Focusing On

I went protesting… lol

Well the days have started to blur together and though my schedule technically hasn’t changed drastically(read here) I am getting tired of this quarantine! On a side note this video by JK Studios perfectly shows my slow dissent in madness plus how I will most likely react when this is all over.


During this time of uncertainty, where one second I am sure this is almost over and another second where things look like they’re just getting worse(I’m talking specifically about the political developments and the fact that governors seem to be modeling the “absolute power corrupts absolutely) It’s easy to let your emotions swing form one extreme to the other. But as my Mother and I were talking on FaceTime the other night ultimately no matter what happens- if they take all of our rights away, if America due to the fear of this virus gives away her liberty(more like shoves it away) and if this virus rages in new and alarming ways- no matter what happens God is in control. I had to make the conscious decision(and will probably have to make it every time something new happens on this crazy rollercoaster) to trust God and not to worry. The below two sermons(I just put the link to the first one) are amazing encouragement to all of us, who are asking “why”.


I’ve also been trying my best to get out and enjoy the changing seasons. We seem to be swinging from rain, crappy weather(which is great for candles, tea and crafts) to warm, sunny days for hikes and lounging by the local lakes. Our state parks were reopened over the weekend, which has provided yet another avenue for adventure! Plus we are still looking forward to the summer lake house, which is coming up on us fast.

My rainy nights…
We discovered a creek on one of our hikes!

Also Tay and I have been keeping busy by filming the below silliness. It has been just a fun way to spend a few hours. (Taylor is definitely very creative! Be sure to subscribe to her channel)


So what have y’all been up to? Anything fun? I’d love to hear about it! Leave is down in the comments below.

Lots of love,


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